Surely there is no place for fear in the Premier League – but I think we all witnessed it last night at the Madejski. It appeared to be etched in the eyes, the actions and the minds of most of the Reading players, and it turned the game into a totally one-sided affair.
Of course us Gooners are more than happy with the three points and delighted that we were able to stroll through the game in first gear, but I wonder if these are the sort of games that should be confined to a cup competition, rather than part of a fiercely competitive league campaign.
Perhaps the time is getting near for that breakaway super league that keeps being talked about? I am not sure I would be in favour of that. I am too much of a traditionalist to want to see the end of the fairy tale adventures of poorly supported and ‘unfashionable’ clubs reaching the highest level, even if its usually only for a season or two. But there is certainly growing evidence that the gap between the top and bottom of the Premier League is growing wider every year.
Maybe the answer is to reduce the size of the league to perhaps 15, with just two clubs relegated and two promoted. This would ease the fixture congestion and leave more time for European games. Then perhaps the idiotically named Champions League could be re-jigged into a proper league rather than a knockout competition, which would ensure that the winners really were the best team in Europe. The top two or three from each of the major European leagues (England, Spain, Italy and Germany) plus perhaps the top one or two from France and Holland, could make up this league There could then be a second division of European league football for teams finishing lower down their domestic leagues and even perhaps a third tier for others.
We would still need a knockout cup competition of course and it might revitalise the good old FA cup.
Dunno whether it would work or not – but it might.
Before I sign off this short post, I must have a wee rant about some of the comments I have received on some of my blogposts recently. The last one entitled Three Tossers was completely highjacked by idiots discussing the racist chants issue, which may have been spoken about elsewhere but certainly not by me. If you want to discuss racism please therefore do not do it on my page.
Whilst I am in the ranting mood so to speak, can I also ask ‘commenters’ to stop whingeing like babies and slagging me off every time I criticise the team in any way. I have been going to watch the Arsenal since November 1954 which means until the arrival of George Graham and the famous night at Anfield in 1989, I have had to endure 35 years of mainly crap football during which we managed just one league championship (albeit a double) and one other FA Cup win. I reckon that gives me the right to criticise my team if I feel they deserve it, unlike perhaps all the Johnny-come-lately’s who have been brought up in the Graham and Wenger era. No-one appreciates the wonderful football and success we are enjoying at the moment more than me.
Finally I must also answer one reader who – in response to my description of a great pint of real ale – scoffed and asked ‘who the hell drinks real ale anyway?’ – with the simple fact that quite a lot of people do. But I will admit that you do actually need more than a handful of brain cells to drink it!