Select Your Dream Team For The New Season

We all know our dream team. Why that’s the Arsenal, squire, and thank you for asking. But a dream team made up of players from other Premier League sides in a fantasy football game could net you a cool £500,000.
That’s enough for a couple of Club Level season tickets at the Emirates to cheer on Arsene Wenger and the boys…with plenty of change to spare for a pint or two.
As the preparations for the big kick-off continue, fans up and down the country are starting to think about who they will pick for their dream team. One of the better fantasy football games is The Sun’s £1million Dream Team. That a mil of prize money total…with half a mil to the overall winner!  It’s easy to sign up, simple to play and the game boasts some exciting new features in time for the 2010-11 season.
If you are familiar with fantasy football you’ll know how to play…if you’re not you’ll be surprised at just how easy it is to get going. With The Sun’s £1million Dream Team game you select an 11-man team using a your transfer kitty of £50million. Each player has his own valuation based on the Sun’s football experts’ knowledge. Tom Huddlestone’s will, like him, be inflated!
You win points are during the season depending on how your players perform in the big competitions  — namely the Premier League, FA Cup, League Cup, Champions League and Europa League.
The players you pick rack up points for scoring goals, getting clean sheets and putting in dazzling displays but, beware, your boys will lose points for letting in goals, and collecting yellow and red cards. It doesn’t get easier than that, does it? Even a T******** fan could work this out!
The fun doesn’t stop there. During the season there are three free transfer windows where you can bin your non-performers and snap up new talent with the total set at three players per team. Yes, last season we may well have been keen to get rid of a certain Spanish keeper known to a few bods around N5!
Once you’ve set up a team and chosen a suitably daft name for it (I like the team of Indian waiters from Brighton who started up Real Madras)  you can start your own mini league or join one that someone else has already got on the go. Then you can invite pals to join forces to compete for the £100,000 top mini league prize!
So get your thinking caps on and give it a whirl – and a tip to the wise, get little Andrey Arshavin in your side sharpish…he’ll be in the goals this season, you watch!

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