Sh*t happens, but please do not desert the wagon...

Welcome to the real world…
We have now lost any chance of winning the Premiership. Losses against Fulham, Hull and now Stoke make looking at staying in the top four the main priority. Let us spend a couple of days getting this off our chests, but let’s not get silly. You want to get rid of Wenger? be careful what you wish for,  because if you think this is bad, then without Arsene Wenger it would be much worse. Just lock yourselves away and prepare to batten down the hatches. Everyone will have written off our chances of any silverware, so in a perverted way, the pressure is off. Get drunk tonight and look forward to Wednesday night.
Shit happens Ok?
Is it  Wenger’s fault for not buying in the summer a Goal keeper, a Centre back a holding midfielder and a decent Striker? I happen to disagree and anyone looking very closely at the accounts will see the real reason, we do not have enough money to buy top draw replacements.  It’s not so much that Wenger won’t buy the players, but that the club has to repay around £50 million over the next six to nine months, so Wenger for once has very little cash. We replaced Hleb with Nasri, we have Silvestre at centre back, and where is this Bischoff anyway? Pre-season was a farce, and what with Adebayor wanting to leave his own team mates and his fans who needs friends? Where I will criticise Le Boss, is his obsession with playing Denilson alongside Fab. It doesn’t work. But today the midfield of Song, Denilson and Diaby gave us NO width. Add ten stoke players behind the ball and a cold windy day, the result was predictable for inexperienced players. I watched the stream and I could not believe that kolo Toure was the wrong side of Ricardo Fuller. A School boy’s error, will someone please tell him, you cannot be offside from a throw in. I gave up watching after that.
Arsene Wenger seems also to think that Adebayor will save our season.  Forget it, with the new “long ball” Arsenal we will just fall further behind. I said that Fulham did us a favour by beating us, and we would learn our lessons. The Hull defeat was down to not taking our chances, and the Boss didn’t know the reason for the defeat. Now this final defeat against the team most likely to go down is taking the mickey. So how should we respond. Well I am calling for unity, the wheels have come off big time, and after whipping yourselves severely with some hawthorn branches over the next 12 hours, please do not desert the wagon. this is when a team needs support. Let Le Boss sort it and wait for the backlash. If you want this team to be dumped out of the top six, then attack them for all you are worth, but just not on this blog eh? Constructive criticism please, and keep it clean as we have kids on here as well.
OK we have been let down, but what good will it do to kick the team’s weak mentality when it’s down. Arsene Wenger may regret losing Diarra and not replacing Lehmann or Flamini, but the problems with the team selection are entirely HIS FAULT and he knows it. So let the man sort it out. Let the kids loose, what have we got to lose FFS? I know that it hurts… badly
Show your colours with pride, and keep singing. I hope that we will turn this around soon, we have to keep believing as true Gooners. The away support sang their hearts out today.  NUFF RESPECT!
Don’t dessert the team now because to put it simply, we have no other alternative! Bring on Carlos Vela.
Fabregas the King.

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