Sneaky Wenger, Diarra, And Why I Think Gallas Got The Armband

Evening all. It’s been a while since my last post, been working my tits off and travelling all over the place. I’ve been pretty pleased with the Arsenal performances so far this season (caught all but the Champs League games due to those thieving bastards Satana), yes there have been moments to moan about but I’m a realistic bloke and I think that the lads are doing extremely well.
However, I must admit I’m getting a bit sick of reading stuff about how great the Invincibles were all over the web. Wenger needs this player, Wenger needs that etc etc. There are one or two out on the www that give their opinions and then acquiesce and say that they’ll be content with what we’ve got, and I can respect that, I’m not aiming this at these guys. I’m annoyed at the constant whiners, the one’s that continually look back over their shoulders at the Viera, Henry, Pires et-al era every time they want to bitch about the current squad and just slag off the same manager that built that great team. Newsflash – they’ve all moved on and times have changed. Guaranteed if you could time travel back to that period anyway you’d see the same people that are pissing on about us needing to spend more cash and all that blah, spouting the same nonsense whenever there was a bad performance (other then the unbeaten run, but not all of those performances were as amazing as the rose tinted specs would have you believe). Since then Arsene has been re-building this squad for a couple of seasons under a different philosophy for a different time, one that I call The Transformers Play – Allow me to explain: Look at the versatility of the squad…….there are a multitude of players that can play more then one position: Sagna – at home at RB or just about anywhere in defense – I reckon he could play on the wing if we needed him to. Rosicky – attacking midfielder, but can play both wings if needed. Hleb – see above and excellent in his Bergkamp imitation role (in my opinion, not as great, but good). Walcott – winging his way on the right but can act as a striker. Van Persie – striker primarily now, but at home on he wing too. Denilson & Fabregas – both are great midfielders that like to attack, but have shown that with age, they can play the holding role (especially Cesc with those crunching tackles). Gilberto – defensive midfielder that has shown he can play CB if he’s needed. Eduardo – striker, but I could see him on the left wing, easily. Flamini – midfielder and decent RB cover. Gallas – CB but can play full back if needed. Eboue – now right wing, but can move to RB as long as he stops diving Do you get the picture?
The above is why I think Wenger was happy with what he’d brought in, versatility. The side can play in so many different ways with the players we have, and this will give AW the opportunity to change games. Now I only saw highlights from the Sparta game on Weds admittedly but from what I saw and have heard from pals that watched it at the Emirates, the side changed beyond all recognition with the introduction of Cesc, Adebayor and Denilson transformed the game completely and this is what I think Wenger has been spending his time building this last two seasons, so despite the squad being a little thinner then I’d have liked (I kept thinking….just one more would be nice), I was content. So when I got back from my travels this eve and logged on to jolly old BBC Sport and saw that we’d signed Diarra I pissed my pants. ANOTHER transformer – a midfielder AND defender in one. Ho ho ho. Suddenly it dawned on me as well……ooooooh THAT’S why Gallas was made Captain: Frenchman (check), ex teammate at the russki’s (check), teammate in the Froggy national squad (check)………. Arsene you sneaky phucker.
What’s the betting that Gallas had something to do with getting Diarra in the squad? Ah AW, how I love thee, let me count the ways: 1) For building an exciting squad that’s looking like it could piss on anyone, either this season or next (I reckon we could do it this year, no one else looks particularly strong so far). 2) For doing over Chelski again which is always fun. 3) For not buckling to the mega-money-spend-a-thon trend. 4) For keeping us all in the dark so you get the best deals. This evening I’m one smug Gooner, even if the Arse are trying to patent the phrase (dumb move).

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