So you want to be a blogger?

Being a regular blogger is not as easy it would appear to be to those aspiring writers who write to me from time to time, wishing to become contributors. It is not just a case of putting your thoughts down on paper, it is often about informed comment within the context of our club. Having some relevance and hopefully making points that will stimulate discussion.
Sometimes a blogger has to be provocative, on other occasions he or she needs to tap into the current consensus. Perhaps using humour or cynical comments. A Blogger must be very tolerant of the readership and realise that not everyone wants to read the same old, same old. Perhaps one of the most important aspects of being a blogger, is to be able to research the issues being presented and provide coherent lines of analysis.
Being able to string together a paragraph or two helps, with or without a thesaurus. Ideally around 600 words will hold the attention span of the most busy of interested surfers, and it is important in my view to be original. Being consistent to your beliefs is a another trait that readers should find endearing. Always be prepared to defend your corner. However arrogance is not something that will get people reading regularly and perhaps a degree of humility when you are caught out or found to be wrong will not do you any harm.
Finally, there is the small matter of motivation. people need commitment to their audience. There have been many new kids on the block, but few worthy of recognition, and having to produce regular high quality blogs is a challenge. The blogger can also be informative, but beware of being patronising. If people leave comments, it is always worth be courteous and trying to reply to their specific points.
Arsenalinsider are currently looking for a contributor to cover the Youth team and Reserve games. Match reports and any news relating to our young Gunners. I would also like any ladies who take a keen interest in Arsenal Ladies to consider a role once the club has defined what is going to happen with the Arsenal ladies team next season. Remember to indicate how often you might be able to write a regular blog.
Because of the close season, there is ample opportunity as people take holidays etc. So there you have it! don’t be shy. If after all that you feel that you have what it takes to become a regular contributor of this blog then why not send in a spell checked specimen blog entry, and the best ones will be published.
So here we have another contribution from a would be Blogger, who has sensibly chosen a safe topic for discussion. Let him know what you think….lol
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“Wenger’s Best Eleven”

It’s been nearly thirteen years now since Arsene Wenger revolutionised football at Arsenal. Throughout that time we’ve seen many highs and lows, trophies won, trophies lost, superb football, not so superb football, great matches, dismal matches, exceptional talent and Pascal Cygan. Over this period we’ve had many players come and go and it got me thinking about what has turned us from a top two premiership side to a fourth placed side. While ignoring how other clubs have developed in recent years I decided to focus primarily on the changing squads of Arsenal over the years to determine the decline as I’ve attempted to pick out what I believe to be Wenger’s best eleven.
Let’s face it, we’ve never had an outstanding goalkeeper in this time and so I can’t see past David Seaman as number 1 here. Every goalie makes mistakes but when you compare him to no 1s such as Lehman and Almunia I think the man from Yorkshire is the safest pair of hands between the sticks.
Working out Arsenal’s best back four has actually been surprisingly simple for me. Emmanuel Petit at left back (though I am a big Clichy fan), Tony Adams and Martin Keown at centre back with Lee Dixon at right back. So including the goalkeeper, the whole defence here are from the same period, mid to late 90s. When I look back at the gunners defence of the last ten years, I find it hard to pick out any player I would swap in there.
The midfield is a tricky one. Patrick Viera has got to be in there as a central defensive midfielder and I back that up with the simple fact that we haven’t won a league title since he left. I’m confident in saying that Cesc Fabregas would be the other centre midfielder in this team with the more creative role. On the right wing would be Freddie Ljunberg who always gave 100%, I’ll never forget how frantically he chased after every ball when the chips were down in the 2006 Champions League Final. The last instalment to this midfield is Robert Pires on the left wing. Some may question his attitude but I believe he was always a fine player for us who posed a real influence in Arsenal’s success in previous years.
Upfront obviously has to be Thierry Henry and for me there is no other man to partner him (playing just behind him) than the magnificent Dennis Bergkamp. ‘Ice Man’ is my favourite player of all time and I don’t think I have to rave on about the magic of this player to justify his place in the team.
There are a lot of good players in our current squad who could have squeaked in to this hall of fame if it wasn’t for their lack of experience. I’m a big fan of Wenger’s ways for bringing up young talent but the problem is that they are too young to be ‘greats’ yet and only time will tell if they become big names (and of course if we hold on to them). Anyway, that’s my best eleven from Wenger’s reign, what’s yours?

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