Stick with the young Gunners, Arsene

by CARL ELDRIDGE So, what would you prefer? Would you rather see Arsene Wenger blood his youngsters in the Carling Cup as is annually the case? Or would you rather our beloved leader played a stronger line-up with the emphasis very much on winning the competition? It would be, of course, as if we need reminding, our first silverware since Paddy Vieira stepped up the spot and won us the FA Cup on penalties against Manchester United in 2005.

It’s not as if AW’s youthful representatives haven’t come close to landing the trophy. Indeed, along the way some of the displays that have blown way the opposition have captured the imagination of the public and earned us high praise. But be it through bad luck or AW’s unswerving belief to stick to principal, the fact remains that these starlets haven’t won it.

Look, there is no way on earth AW will abandon his policy and I have to say, having seen at first hand all of the scintillating displays from the ‘kids’, there is no way I would want him to. Players such as Cesc Fabregas got their break in the Beer Cup for heaven’s sake. Think about that. It gives stars of the future a platform to showcase their skills, experience first team football and develop the Arsenal way. It also gives AW the chance to further assess their potential.
But believe it or not some of my pals disagree.They would rather have the day out at Wembley, lift some silverware and, above all, put an end to our dear friends from across the footballing landscape chanting: “Four years and you’ve won f*** all”, a particularly unmelodic rendition of which was sung to me by some pissed-up Mancs on Old Trafford’s forecourt before the game on Saturday.
But surely lowering our sights in such a disastrous fashion would merely be holding up the (red and) white flag and put us on a par with clubs such as, well, you know who. Our targets should remain as league titles and Champions League trophies and playing young ‘uns can and hopefully will facilitate those aims, long-term as it may be.
What message would it put out if AW followed the example set by Mark Hughes last week in the competition when he fielded £900billion worth of talent just to dispatch Crystal Palace? Hughes wants to win the cup. City fans want their team to win it and end something like 32 years without a trophy. Don’t get me wrong, it’ll be a story if they do but would the European powerhouses sit up and take note? Nope. City have their ‘project’ and frankly I pray they fail miserably and slip back to being the T******** of Manchester
So bring on the kids and their boundless efforts and mesmerising play with pace. Bring on West Brom in a couple of weeks. And let us look forward to hacks everywhere providing the pay-off for their match reports thus: It was men against boys…and the boys won.
Come on you young Gunners!

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