Super Nick is exceedingly good


One thing I love about the World Cup is the commercialisation of anything and everything. What a great excuse to buy a new plasma television, or have the fridge permanently stocked up with special World Cup meal deal beer and pizza. The strangest World Cup product I saw was a St George pregnancy testing kit – getting your kicks or not this summer? Then, stumbling in blind drunk on Friday night, I discovered a box of Mr Kipling “footy” bakewell tarts tucked away at the back of the cupboard. Would they have been there on a non-World Cup summer? I doubt it.


Cameroon 1-2 Denmark (Preotria)


While I was feasting on exceedingly good cakes over the weekend, Nicklas Bendtner was feeding on Dennis Rommedahl crosses, scoring an exceedingly good goal. It’s great to see one of Arsenal’s strikers are off the mark in this tournament since Charlie Vela and Robin van Persie and yet to break the duck. It was one of those classic hanging around the middle and getting a foot on a low driven cross type of goals. It brought around the Danish side’s first win and Super Nik also played a role in the winner.

With Arsenal, Bendtner still doesn’t quite look like the leader he appears for Denmark. For the national team he is their most high profile player and from the goals I’ve seen and his record to boot, Bendtner seems to thrive on being the main man. At just 22-years-old his international record speaks for itself, having netted for the under-16s, 17s, 19s and 21s, and then 12 goals in 34 games at the highest level.

As self-assured and secure in his own ability as the big Dane comes across, it still seems that behind the chewing gum, surfer’s hair and casual front, the boy inside him is in control. Bendtner needs to feel at Arsenal as I suspect he does when playing for his country. Slowly he’s getting there. He scored some important goals towards the back-end of last season but the most significant will have been against Barcelona in the Nou Camp.


Netherlands 1-0 Japan (Durban)


In the other games from the weekend, RVP was involved in another 1-0 will for the Oranje boys. He was at his usual energetic self, making excellent runs for Wesley Sneijder long balls and mostly causing problems around the edge of the Japan penalty area. Many people were tipping Arsenal’s man for the golden boot. Despite not getting off the mark RVP looks calm and happy in his role, so expect the goals to come in a flood.


Brazil 3-1 Ivory Coast (Johannesburg)


Flood of tears it was for Emmanuel Eboue, whose Ivory Coast team were handed a lesson in football by Dunga’s Brazil. Arsenal’s right back could be found mostly on the grass play-acting for free-kicks. Eboue managed to turn many supporters around, winning back their love with a handful of excellent attacking performances. For me, that was all ruined away to Spurs last year, when Eboue, along with others opted to look for cheap free-kicks instead of winning challenges. It was sad to see him at it again and the type of attitude Arsenal will need to drop next season.

Spain vs. Honduras kicks off shortly. Having a quick gander at the team-sheet shows Spain have made two changes. Surprise suprise, Cesc Fabregas isn’t one of them. I’ll be cheering on the Hondurans then, but also because I have fond memories of travelling through there on route to Nicaragua. Our dodgy bus driver had pulled over somewhere outside the capital Tegucigalpa. Waking up because we had stopped, I saw he and his buddy (who I’m sure was peddling drugs) were uncontrollably laughing at one stray horse trying his best to mount another. Can’t Cesc see the similarities in his situation with Barcelona? Probably neigh!

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  1. A pro Bendtner heading and article?

    Oh dear. Wait for the w*nker fans to start spouting sh*t.


  3. As if they’d give him a rest. Doesn’t matter how many goals and assists he got in his last 15 games for us to them.

    Once they hate someone, they hate him forever. Bloody 98ers.

  4. Bendtner is very close to being a top world class striker..if he keeps on improving he’ll be a very important player for AFC in the near future.

  5. I am a big nicki fan. He needs to work on his first touch and composure. However at 22 he will come good. At 27 he will be one of the top srikers in world football and leave us. And all the fans who slagged him off will moan he has gone.

    Maybe if we were more suppoetive of our palyers more would stay.

  6. Its a shame VP is so good because Bendtner is fucking brilliant and deserves to play through the middle. Chamakh coming in doesnt bode well for NB either because he will probably get less chances to shine.

    Bendtner was fantastic at the weekend. Goal and an assist – world class!

  7. Bendtner is a carthorse just like Eboue.
    Nicki this Nicki that, dear oh dear, usual drivel from the armchair fans on here

  8. What a load of tosh. Bendtner was close to a world class striker las week when he stood next to RVP. As for being close to BEING a world class striker, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha only in his own little world.
    Welcome to the Ems Mons. Chamakh you’re badly needed.

  9. What is truly sad is that some fans think he deserves to have the word super in front of his name. He’s useless week in and out for arsenal. When have you ever seen him score a goal that can be even remotly compared to that of great strikers like henry, bergkamp and RVP. He’s so far away from world class is unbelivable. He should of stayed at birmingham in the championship where he belongs. His ego is ridiculous for someone of such little ability. We only have him as the replacement wardrobe in the box for adebuywhore. Maybe he can use his amazing arrogance to convince Barcelona he’s worth 100m and we can see the back of him.

  10. hull away was world class nough for me,and wolves at home, doing it when it matters is what makes a striker great, not how they do it

  11. It’s typical that people want him to be scoring wonder goals to be classed as a world class striker (not that he is but he has potential). Football is abut more than scoring goals and Bendtner is constantly working to link the midfield and attack, always holding up the ball or tracking back to defend. His eye for a through ball is outstanding and his ability to take a ball out of the air is breathtaking.
    Where he fails is his lack of ability to move quickly in tight areas, his one footedness and his fear at attacking defenders head on-but all of that can come if he works at it.
    What he does do is work his arse off on the pitch. Just because his wasn’t the last foot to touch the ball before it hit the net, doesn’t mean he wasn’t part of the build up and if you can’t see that then your eyes aren’t open. Go back to your best of DVDs.

  12. oh, and he was joint-second top scorer with Arshavin last season and he played less games.

  13. Maybe he doesnt score great goals like VP and Bergkamp because he isnt that sort of player! hes stronger and has better heading than them 3 so its swings and roundabouts. Nick will become a world beater, hes only 22, and if ur guna get on his back, it just proves ur not a real fan!

  14. Although I quite like him, I can’t think of any other top club at which Bendtner would be given so many opportunities. With any luck Chamakh will show Bendtner how to work hard, cos if anything is stopping this boy, it’s his laziness. NO MORE JOGGING UP AND DOWN THE HALFWAY LINE! And that goes for Van Persie too.

  15. If Bendtner can play well for his national team, so why can’t he be as good at Arsenal? Could Arsene be the issue here ?

  16. At the start of last season, he played on the right and worked hard. When he played through the middle at the end of last season he scored almost a goal a game. I’m not too worried about his lack of chances. This year I’m sure Arsene will rotate from the start instead of waiting for injuries.

  17. i have high hopes for the B52 Bomber!

    he’s exactly what we need in the premier league, a big strong guy who won’t get bullied, good in the air, can hold up play very well and tries his hardest.

    he will only get better, and with chamackh battling for his spot, this can spur him on to big things.

    if we keep eduardo i fear he’ll only be a carling / fa cup player. not what he had in mind i’m sure…

  18. [quote name=Lady Arsenal]Although I quite like him, I can’t think of any other top club at which Bendtner would be given so many opportunities. With any luck Chamakh will show Bendtner how to work hard, cos if anything is stopping this boy, it’s his laziness. NO MORE JOGGING UP AND DOWN THE HALFWAY LINE! And that goes for Van Persie too.[/quote]
    He does what Wenger tell him to do. Trouble is that’s to play as a right winger. He should be in the middle.

  19. No looking good to sign Joe Cole. The bloodly manc’s seem to have clinched him 🙁 Fabregas_the_king, you got any info on this or is this the usual shit from Sun.,19528,11661_6221190,00.html

  20. John in Norfolk | 22/06/2010 at 16:26 |

    Why all this sudden interest in Joe Cole? He has been perpetually injured for much of last season and when he was fit he only had bit parts, mostly from the bench.

    If Chelsea are prepared to let him go on a Bosman he can’t be much good and will he be prepared to take a substantial wage cut?

    Let’s face it he’s so poor that Lennon and even Wright Phillips are ahead of him in the England squad.

    Do we really need yet another left sided midfielder, surely we have enough with Arshavin, Rosicky and Vela.

    As far as I’m concerned if the Mancs want him let them have him.

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