Support Arsene Wenger or suffer the consequences...

It is a fact that this Board has allowed key individuals on the board to make more money through buying and selling shares, than we have invested in over four seasons of player transfers. This is annoying as a die hard fan, as it just indicates where the priorities lie at Arsenal Football club from the current Board’s perspective appear to lie. The development of The Diamond club and Club level have alienated the club from ordinary grass root fans. We have a marvellous stadium, a host of celebrity fans but not the squad to match. The themes appear to be to attract very rich people who will spend alot of money within the club, rather than invest in the world class individuals who would guarantee our long term success on the field. People have called for Arsene Wenger’s head, but it is when we lose him that I foresee meltdown at the club, the real “crisis at the Arsenal” headlines that the anti-Arsenal media have craved for during the last five years. I think that Arsene Wenger has defended this Board only because of his love for the club. He is a conviction manager, and providing his players deliver what he sees on the training ground, then we are secure. It is when he leaves that many foolish fans will realise their folly and then it will be too late.
Imagine who would we bring in when he leaves? An International acclaimed manager who would want to spend vast fortunes Manchester City style? or an ex-player like Tony Adams without any kind of proven track record. There are of course other good managers in the Premiership, who would pull together the best from our present squad, but only Martin O’Neill and David Moyes fit my assessment and their brand of football is going to be a step backwards in my view. Abroad we have The Special One, Mourhino, ex Barcelona coach Frank Rijkaard. Talk of an ex player like Patrick Vieira is frankly ridiculous. I presume that in the event of a takeover by Stanley Kroenke, he would try to persuade Arsene Wenger to stay. However if he gets half the abuse this season from the shallow minded so called fans, I cannot see him putting off retirement. I am firmly of the view that our woes have not been because Arsene Wenger has chosen NOT to spend the funds, but because those funds were never made available to him. That would leave my favoured dutch partnership of Marco van Basten and Dennis Bergkamp to take on Wenger’s legacy.
I believe that Arsenal Football club appears to be sleep walking towards a takeover, with Kroenke’s share buying intentions as yet unclear. Is he buying in the run up to an intended takeover next year as I suspect, to keep the bid price per share down, or is he obtaining a sizeable shareholding that will enable him to realise his investment if another more wealthier Billionaire decides to buy the club? No takeover will improve the club’s fortunes in my analysis. Only the kind of Oil rich Arab style takeover that would be recession proof would be acceptable, but then we would have no control over the pick and mix mentality of spoilt mega-rich owners. So this Board appears to have chosen it’s heir apparent. An American who I suspect cannot afford to buy the club with cash outright. So we are looking at a “Glazer” style takeover with a doubling of the clubs debts by perhaps 400 million. I do not believe that he possesses the ready cash to do so this year, so next season he will make his move and it is becoming clear that he will need a financial partner, who will not be willing to give money away. This is the biggest argument against any takeover of Arsenal football club. Imagine being a football club with 700 milion of debt, just behind the kind of debts possessed by Man United but without the squad members or manager to become number one. a token fifty million may be made available at the takeover being concluded as a sop to fans, even if the sum provided was doublev that, how much would it cost to replace the likes of Cesc Fabregas, or young stars like Jack Wilshire and Carlos Vela?
I write this blog in anticipation of the weak Gooners who will queue up to preach pessimism and gloom after the pre-season friendly defeat to Valencia last night. The second half saw Arsenal make nine changes. I didn’t get to see the pre-season friendly against Valencia, I have reviewed the videos of the goals, and my reaction is that the second goal scored by my favourite striker David Villa was perhaps the most worrying. with Arsenal’s second string back four split wide open by a well timed run by Villa off in front of Silvestre, and the frenchman’s legs could not cope with Villa’s pace, and rather dissapointedly, Fabianski was beaten at his near post. So forget this game, it is not a barometer of our fortunes to come. Fortunes like the real prospect of winning this season’s Premier League, once we have the additional three new players purchased. I refer of course to Marouane Chamakh, Brede Hangerland and Blaise Matuidi. None of them seen as world class players at the moment, but with the genius that is Arsene Wenger, he can improve our team with the right additions, and now the time is right. If we can get through August with good results including Man United at Old Trafford, then our belief and momentum will build. Even the bookies favourites Chelsea have been weakened in a sense because they have to deal with a new manager who has no Premiership experience. Man United have lost Ronaldo, and Liverpool have lost Xabi Alonso. Now is our time! we will brush aside Celtic in the Champions league play offs who are in my view over rated, and if we can keep injuries at bay, gooners can look forward to a good start to this season.
Which of course begs the question why we would want to ruin our future by selling out to any Billionaire that would either asset strip in the long run as I believe Usmanov would do, or someone who cannot simply afford it, as regards to Kroenke. The one person that can guarantee our future is Arsene Wenger, and if he does receive a negative reception from impatient fans and shareholders alike, then I cannot see him sacrificing three years of his retirement, and even less so in a brave new world of takeover, where all that he has fought for, to enable a club to live within it’s means will have been turned on it head by a doubling of the club’s debts. it has been argued that Arsene Wenger is a control freak. Not so, he has kept this club together since the departure of David Dein. What ever the rights or wrongs of Dein’s behaviour on the Board, we are still suffering from the aftermath of his dismissal. So my call is to all Gooners who intend to go to matches this season Support your team loudly and even more importantly, support Arsene Wenger or suffer the consequences…

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