Tactical blunder sends us packing

Arsene Wenger has never been a great tactician, but tonight his bizarre decision killed us from the start.

The boss was looking, as we all were, at the state of the San Siro pitch. The wings looked deliberately battered to give us a hard time in one of our stronger positions. We’ve played on some bad pitches before, but this was something different altogether. It was a clear and calculated move, with a very visible line on both sides of the pitch where whatever carnage was unleashed.

But Wenger’s response was just baffling. Utterly baffling. Obviously deciding the wings were out of bounds, he deployed a strange 4-4-2 with FOUR central midfielders! Song, Arteta, Ramsey and Rosicky all started. Walcott seemed to be upfront with van Persie.

Most managers would think: Ok, the pitch looks a mess, but both teams have to play on it, so we’ll have to cope. Wenger thinks: I’ll take out our most in-form attacking midfielder and play a completely unworkable formation.

In the end, Milan’s passing was slick enough to destroy us; the pitch clearly not stopping them playing good football. Having good players helps of course, but so does having a manager who’s not totally lost the plot.

With our four-man central midfield we had no attack. For a side that’s as poor as we are in defence, to kill our only strong point was suicide. Van Persie is a great striker, but there’s not much he can do without a) players in wide positions to give him service and b) players to move off the ball, drag defenders away, and give him space. A thrashing was inevitable with this latest Wenger cock-up.

It would be tempting to look at this and say this is what we are now, that we’re not really a Champions League team anymore and the result simply reflected a gulf in class, but I don’t think you can know that when the formation was such a joke. Sure, we might have conceded 4 goals anyway, but with our normal 4-3-3 and Chamberlain on the pitch it might at least have been a 4-2 defeat, which would at least make the second leg worth playing.

I can’t quite get over it. One of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen.

We can point and laugh at the Manchester teams for not even making it to this stage, but that’s a fluke, a one-off. There’s no way they would’ve gone to Milan tonight and got mauled like that.

Still, even in the worst of times Arsenal fans can be pretty deluded. Some will no doubt say this tie is not over and that the pressure is off us in the second leg, so we might somehow win 5-0, or even 4-0 and win on penalties.

Forget that now, that’s not going to happen. If we have an extremely good day we might win 2 or 3-0, but we’d still be out. One good game and one disaster is not good enough in a two-legged tie.

You have to feel for Thierry Henry. He played in one of our best results in Europe, a 5-1 win against Inter in the same stadium, but this is a very different Arsenal side now. I hope he returns one day with the club in better shape than it is now.

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  1. For me Arteta was out of his depth and was the main problem into today’s game. I would also say that we missed Mertesackers calming influence in the centre back positions. We need money spent on this team to compete in Europe. Rosicky should not start European ties.

    • hahha, whenever someone is missing you blame the defeat on that player. mertesacker would have done fuck all – they’re all badly coached shit defenders.

      • Mertesacker may have struggled during the winter months of our domestic campaign but his class has been shown in our European campaign so far and it a lot of our premier league games. Especially in the second half against Chelsea. You have got to remember he was bought late in summer window and still adapting to premier league football. He is still a quality defender. I don’t think he and Santos would have made a great difference because the main problem was the midifield. Arteta never kept hold of the ball and looked out of his depth and is more of a squad player in a club the size of Arsenal. Wilshere was the massive miss because he is a cut of class above the rest. Walcott was he even on the pitch? Chamberlain I don’t think would have made much difference if he had started because we never kept hold of the ball.

        • Hard to say wether Mertsacker would have made much difference, he may have been more of a match for Ibrahimovic however last nights defeat was mainly down to midfield runners from the opposition not being backtracked again, I have said this alot about you boys this season, swansea was a classic example of people breaking on you from midfield, your midfield is making your defence look awful at times, and it is my opinion that an adams would have had them by the throats in the dressing room and stopped it, Vermaelen for all that he is (class) is just not that type of bloke, you need a leader on the pitch and you just don’t have one anywhere..

      • Very true, Wenger does not know the meaning of defending. Never has, the only reason as you would agree we ever won anything under Wenger was because he inherited the defence of the George Graham era. He has to go nd so does the board.

  2. well another day, another match and not to my surprise another disaster!!!!!………I dont really know wat is wrong with wenger…..it seems that he is mentally retarded beacuse only a retarded manager plays a team like this one in a champions league tie………i am only a fan and my reading of the game may not be as elaborate and deep as the top class managers bt still even i know the basics………..i believe the stumbling block in arsenal success is the year we beacme invincibles…..beacuse clearly,whatever may happen mr stuuborn wenger just not change his policy……we may not have the best players in the world bt we certainly had a team good enough to defeat the likes of milan,,,,,,,,,,,,,if i was the manager i wd have played a 4-1-3-2……….
      sczn,gibs,verm,kos,sagna (4)

    alex song(1)

    alex ox,roscisky,arshavin(3)

    van persi and chamakh(2),,,,,,,,,,

    it is high time now,,,,,it is not only the management but also the board which really annoys me a lot……………..as fans,it is time that we should do sumthing to eradicate and destroy these termites which are eating away the our precious club only to for personal profits………


  3. Too many players just had bad games. Arteta, in particular, was unusually poor, and he’s vital to our playing style. The only players who I felt did well/ok were Rosicky and Koscielny – and Kos was taken off. To be fair, RVP, as usual, did better towards the end, once he started to get some service.
    We also have to note that their first goal was a screamer, virtually unstoppable, being reasonable, and their second looked offside to me (didn’t see an adequate replay to confirm this). Also, their penalty was soft, and we should have had one after, following a similar incident (saying that Ibra fell into djourou, whereas RVP was clearly held in the box). Even the 2nd robinho goal came about because of a slip, which might not have happened on a better pitch.
    The most disappointing thing was that we didn’t improve our play in the second half, as I was expecting, and being fair, we were largely outplayed by a side who were brighter in their movement and had more ideas. Their players won the game, and ours didn’t do enough to counter them so I can’t complain about the result, but the scoreline, and the manner of a couple of their goals was not a fair reflection.

    • Erm, are you for real? 4-0 flattered us. We were hopelessly outplayed for the entire match. To quibble about a couple of moments of bad luck is ignoring the bigger picture – that we simply aren’t good enough at this level.

    • You obviously didn’t see a replay of the penalty either then. Soft my Arsene, He hauled him down in the box for Chrissake

  4. The tactical formation was the same as always. Walcott played right wing, Rosicky left wing. Wenger is a tactical idiot, just sends his team out to play the same way every game regardless of opposition.

  5. Ebowers41smootie1 | 15/02/2012 at 23:31 |

    what a shamefull evening for Arsenal FC,how can we go from invincibles to a pile of shit

    answer = arsene wenger and the board

  6. Well, I have to be honest, so convinced was I that we’d get turned over tonight that I opted instead to take my wife to see The Woman in Black rather than watch another Wenger nightmare. Unfortunetly I chose the early evening screening so we got home in time to see most of the second half. Oh, dear. I’d just seen one hugely disappointing horror show only to witness another. The woman in black was crap but nowhere near as awful as that Arsenal performance. So, no EPL, C/L this year ( not that I thought we had a chance to begin with ) and we’ll probably go out of the FA cup at Sunderland. Things will not change under Wenger – get used to it fellas. The 8-2 defeat at Man U was the final straw for me, but tonight’s defeat was such an embarrassment that it runs that loss a close second.
    I’m sick of Wenger’s crap!

  7. Just read the bergkamp bit now this and its what ive been saying for weeks arsenal are full of average players on big money. Arteta is a waste of money he is a very good player am not doubting that but we need a 21-24 year old of a higher ability. He cant cover ground amd dives and looks about for fouls. Hes out of his depth at arsenal, ramsey again never touched the ball, rosiky is past it amd should be freed or sold. Gibs is awful defending. If almunia was in goal this season we would be mid table. Wenger has paniced into some decisions this season but why not finish 6-7th and sell all tjese duds. Look at juventus they finished with no euro football this season got a new manager in and got good players in amd sit top with a game in hand. Id honestly change things round and get a new vision! This is poor at best and our club deserves better. Be routhless and get some of the duds out. Hopefully real comes calling for wenger and we get a good young coach in to make us tick. Surley we all see there are duds on big money and no motavation!!!!

  8. Oh dear Arsène Wenger, why are you doing this to us fans?
    I mean from the first minutes, I knew that there was something wrong in the formation and the way we played. In the first half RVP probably touched the ball 3 times, how ridiculous is that, best stiker in the league!!!
    Arteta was rubished today, a real shame because he is a good player, I think he was just not used to such a venue and maybe a bit nervous.
    In my opinion Vermaelen looked a bit off so did Sagna.
    We looked so nervous and lacked confidence and fast tempo. This painful defeat HAS to be blamed on the manager, Arsenal is a much stronger team than Milan. We might have teenagers in our team but they have dinosaurs in theirs.
    Italian rubish tactics actually defeated our beautiful football. With all his experienced I just wished that Monsieur Wenger would have changed thing up at half time, though knowing him I was expecting him to bring on Arshavin…
    I still think we have a decent shot at the FA cup… 2005 seems like an eternity now!

  9. The present Arsenal side are a shadow of the invincibles. They lack the ability, confidence and passion that is required to win trophies. The team have severely let the club and fans down tonight especially the travelling supporters. There have been serious failings for some time at Arsenal and the club has done nothing to address them.

  10. Dempsey  & Dembele anyone?
    Drive, desire, never give up and for cryin’ out loud hold on to the ball!
    Dont stop half way up the pitch when running on the wing, keep the fu_k going and make a cross.  Play the ox.  Ramsey is poor, Arteta worse, Rosicky getting up there in age and needs like-minded players around him.  How poor is Theo?  Can he go past anyone with that speed of his?

  11. There are a number of players who are straight up not good enough: Djourou, Walcott and Ramsey are the worst. Song and Arteta are good but neither of them showed up tonight, without ox or gervinho we lack anyone who will run at their defender and without cesc or jack Wilshere and as even though many people hate him, nasri we have no one who can play a decent through ball, our club is in a sorry state and we need to spend some money, purely to sent a statement that we are still meant to play in the big time

  12. arsenal play like amateurs. why there was no midfielders ran into near the box to create space, they’re all shits stand wide horizontally passing ball side to side.

  13. We looked liked yellow canaries and played like bird brains.
    We turned up in yellow custard strips and the game quickly turned into lumpy custard.
    We are stuffed now with Mertesacker and Koscielny out injured. Its all over. We’ll finish 6th.

  14. ps – None of the invincibles defenders played under G Graham.

  15. I am so down and shocked  i have not slept a wink.. Poor Arsene sitting on the sidelines suffering really upsets me.
    Then there’s the state of the pitch which i’m shure played a part, don’t forget Milan are used to it and been playing on it all season and the second goal was offside so all this added up. Not making excuses!
    Don’t give up on Arsene and Arsenal. We can still turn it around and i for one will be screaming my lungs out in the homeleg. I can see us getting a couple of goals in the first half and then you can see Milan getting nervous because it has happened to them before.. keep faith Gooners!

    In Arsene we trust!!! 

  16. Hey writer no formation would have worked yesterday. Did you see the players? no one turned up. They were going through the motions even our so called world class Vermalean was terrible.  I agree our current team is not as good as teams we’ve had in the past but they were not 4 – 0 against this Milan team I watch most week bad. The only players that played well are Van. P, Henry and Ox when he came on. I can’t explain it, those players deserve pay deductions for the way they played. If the Ox had played the result would have been same, the poor dude would have been sucked into the non performance most of the players displayed. I also felt sorry for Wenger but he made his bed those players did not help him at all. 

  17. why didn’t use Arshavin in the match. i didn’t understand why did Wenger has stereo-type in our squad. Arshavin is more effective player than walcott nowadays, that’s prove in away game against Sunderland . and why did Wenger has anxiety of striker only. we lost Mertesacker and now Arsenal doesnt have defender to enough to do one’s mission
    and, nowadays walcott’s play is not good. IMO, there is very big pressure as walcott. he’s position is WingFw, but he goes down in centre position and wanna make a goal, it’s not flexibel position change.
    please Wenger wake up, how could we use our squad effectively as achieve win in EPL,Uefa,Champions, even Carling

  18. This guy really needs to stop writing blogs on here. Talks too much shit and is too immature to write anything sensible. The pitch was not laid to prevent us playing. Do you honestly think Inter would have accepted that seeing as they played terribly on it at the weekend?

    As for the formation, another crock of shit. We played the same formation as usual with Theo and Rosicky out wide.

    The bottom line of this result is that the players let Arsene down and fair play to him for not making excuses for the first time in a long time.

    Where I take issue with AW is in playing Theo ahead of AOC. With the pitch as it was, a more skiful player would have been better than just a speed merchant. This showed when AOC came on. I would also have started Henry instead of Ramsey. For 2 reasons. Ramsey is off the boil at the moment and needs to be rested. Secondly, Henry still has presence and fear factor for the opposition. Playing him from the start may have helped calm some of the players down.

    Yes there was an offside goaland a dodgy penalty, but bottom line is, too many players didn’t turn up and they need to take a long look at themselves and react for Saturday.

  19. Can’t disagree with you Mashman, even taking into account some dodgy decisions for the goals we were nowhere near good enough to win the game so the scoreline is acceptable on the performance.

    We seem lethargic compared to most teams nowadays, too laid back and tactically ignorant which I know will reflect back to management sadly, but this crop of players consistently perform half heartedly and not far off our strongest team. 

    • Berg you are one of the more level headed people on here along with John.. Don’t fall for the bigsy charm because he wants us to turn against each other. In Arsene trust!

      • Again, stop embarrassing yourself. This is a website to give honest opinions. Good and bad. You are the only blind faith merchant on here and doing little for the thought that women know ‘f&ck all about football’

        In fact, I reckon you are Bigsy’s alter ego.

        • I think Jenny has exposed a little bit too much in recent rants, the wording and spelling at times is that of a person very much not a Jenny !

          •  But you are a spud and I see your comments on nearly every article, so why do you have so much concern for the Gunners? I don’t blame Jenny for not trusting you as far as she can throw ya. You are a spud after all so your intentions will always be suspect…

          • Thank you

          • my intentions are not in question, it is my opinion that counts, so according to you George Graham is now suspect..no fella there is a clear defined line between being a fan and a person who undertstands football and is involved in it..ask George Graham..

          • JohninNorfolk | 16/02/2012 at 17:58 |

            Your opnions count for nothing.

          • im not the one whose opinions are in the minority am I …keeping wiping the egg off your chops

      • Jenny, I am many things, including arrogant, spiteful (when needed) and crafty it goes with the territory, but I am 100% Honest, why the hell do I need to wind anyone up and turn people against each other, Football is a passionate game and when the sh*t hits the fan, it doesn’t matter if you are Torquay or Barcelona, it divides people..some like you will cast your mind back 6 or 7 years and others will consider it too long, my views ? I would give my right arm for what you lot have had and to a degree I do think a certain element of your supporters are new bandwagon ‘we don’t know bad times so lets just moan fans’ but the long standing ones are not stupid either, they don’t believe the spin, they see the empty seats and they know it is just not Arsenal..so shut up once and for all spouting nonsense and talk football for once !

        • I think a lot of our supporters only know the Wenger era which until the last few years has almost  been ordinary and particularly last and this season quite worrying.
          Maybe he can’t take the club any further, not sure why but the man has been magnificent and for that reason shouldn’t be cast away like a lump of shit on the side of your shoe as some of the spewing brats that come on here suggest. That doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be alternative loyalties, I accept that, I also accept Wenger has flaws, just not sure why he doesn’t address them, maybe he’s an arrogant French cnut or maybe his hands are tied, none of us know, but for now at least I’m not of the opinion a change in manager is the right time, however these prima donnas need a rocket up the jacksy or transfer listed…any or all of them unless they start showing the passion we are not seeing, if they feel it’s the management then come out and say it, that way we’ll know.

          • yep, no excuses for not having a sweat is there, basic requirement of any footballer is work rate.

        • Horrible small arrogant man ha!!!

      • Bigsy? Charm? Ha Ha.

        I have my own opinions and wouldn’t be swayed either way.

  20. Well I done my dough I thought 3/1 was value on the Gooners, naturally you would think a manager with Wengers experience would start OXO keep it nice and tight and hit them on the counter, instead he picks a team that has to make you wonder what he is watching at times, the one certainty is that they are an ageing side whereby 3/4 of the team lack pace, so rather than get at them with Henry and RVP rotatating and Oxo getting around the back they line up like they are away at some cypriot 2 nd division side, in truth rarely have I seen people like Sagna and Vermaelen play so bad, but who is behind that ? …I see the normal deluded individuals are rallying the troops on here, but for me I have rather amusing visions in my head of the inter milan staff standing in the centre circle assisting AC in turning the pitch into a an allotment just so walcott can’t work his magic on it..what kind of fool would even think that ?

    • Isurely you cant blame the manager for bad performances? Sagna and especially Vermaelen were poor. As was Arteta, Ramsey and Song. Walcott was non-existent and should not have played. You can question the manager for playing certain players, which I have, but the poor performances are down to the players themselves.

      • Only those who are habitual Mashman, Ramsey is not Arsenal material, Arteta is just average, and Rosicky is a bit up and down, confidence is what I failed to mention, Sagna looked frightened to express himself last night, that is certainly a manager issue, there are a few right now who need an arm around them and building up, and the more I see quality like RVP, Sagna, Vermaelen looking perplexed as the camera pans around on them the more I am asking what support they are getting off field, even Wenger last night just looked totally withdrawn, almost accepting that the club has gone backwards..I didn’t expect him to be doing cartwheels but he just stood there saying ‘not good enough’ for the 8th time this season..

        • The club has not gone backwards. Arsene is the best manager in the world.  Our finances are the strongest they’ve ever been meaning when clubs like Rangers are going bust and a matter of time before clubs like the spuds start getting jitterywe will reap aqnd struggle with debts.
          Arsene will pull through and we will be strongerand spuds like you who have a dig at Wenger are with hidden agenda.
          You want Arsene out because you know he will turn it around and overtake your shitty spud club .. You don’t fool me because i know what your game is.
          Fellow gooners listen up! Don’t fall for this double faced bigsy spud who pretends to be the good guy,but only comes on here to stir trouble when ever we’ve lost.. At least the other stupid spud is  upfront!

          In Arsene we trust
          In Arsene we trust
          In Arsene we trust

        • Have to disagree on Ramsey. You are writing off a 20 year old, who is captain of his country who is in his first full season in the Prem. He is being overplayed due to injuries to Wilshere and Diaby. He will be a top player. Vermaelen can look as perplexed as he likes. He had a terrible game. Only improved when he moved to LB. and Sagna had an off game. You are reading far too much into it. When you have 11 players off their game, against a team who has 11 players on it, the result is there for all to see.

          How they react will tell me what they think of AW.

      • His tactics, his team selection, his players and his failed policy, yes we can blame him, he has lost the confidence of the players. Funny how O’Neil took the same players that Bruce had and turned them around, Wenger is incapable of spurring the team on, he only cares about 4th spot, what a joke, what a loser

        • Cock. I was posting in response to poor performances by 2 players. Read before you comment you twat. Where did I say anything about tactics and team selection?

          As for O’Neill, he is a mid table manager and a c&nt who plays shit football.

        • And that would be the same Sunderland team we beat at their place recently! 

          • I feel that may have been a premature comment Berg10 as a yid I cringe when i see that sort of thing ha ha

          • Berg10 | 17/02/2012 at 13:19 |

            Facts are facts mate, I merely pointed to the fact that O’Neil is over rated and recently compared to Wenger, I’d be totally p*ssed off if he replaced Wenger.

  21. We played 4-2-3-1, with Rosicky on the left wing.

    Awful team selection. Awful tactics. Awful football in the middle. Ramsey starts, we lose. Walcott is an impact sub. Chamberlain should have started. Arshavin should play behind van Persie. So many problems and Wenger won’t even address them. Sucky situation.

  22. I actually thought you were unlucky last night, I hope that we don’t now see the sort of knee jerk reaction about wenger’s position being under threat. 

    He is the best and most successful manager Arsenal have had, one poor game doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be around for a good few years to come.
    I’m sure he has a plan.

    As someone who has been there before, people should still be careful what they wish for.

  23. last night’s performance was without doubt a disaster.

    The state of the pitch, offside goals, dodgy penalties, players just back from injury, none of these excuses holds water.

    There is no point in apportioning blame to individual players or the manager, it was a collective failure by all concerned.  The least the club can do now is to issue an abject apology to the fans especially, to the intrepid thousands who made their way to the San Siro to support a team that just did not turn up.

    Looking at Arsene Wenger’s body language and taking into account his after match comments I suspect that he has realised that he may not be able to take this present squad any further.  Dennis Bergkamp, who knows Wenger far better than any of us out here, says that he will not walk away.  If that is true then there appears to be only one option left to him, he must ditch his long cherished principals and insist that the board make available the very substantial funds necessary to rebuild the first team squad with high class, experienced players.

    The FA Cup remains our only realistic chance of a trophy this season, qualification for next seasons Champions League, whilst still a possibility, would only paper over the cracks so long as we are unable to truly compete with the big clubs and stand some chance of winning the top prize.

    I am in no way calling for the sacking of Wenger but the board must be brought to realise that the financial restraints they impose on the manager leave the team floundering like the proverbial one legged man in an arse kicking contest.

    • But also DB said there isn’t the hunger there anymore, he was referring primarily to Ajax, we can oportion the blame on the players earning too much money, something I believe but what of the likes of Barca, RM, Bayern, Citeh, ManUre that still look as though they want to win trophies, on several occasions our team just don’t turn up, tactically and without intent. Milan pressed hard without the ball like many of our opponents this season and we just….dont!

      • Berg10,

        It’s not the lack of hunger, it’s the lack of serious competition for places.  With perennially injured players kept on the payroll and others who should never get near an Arsenal shirt the only options are “promising” but callow youngsters.

        Our mid-field is populated by good but not exceptional players all of a similar type, as Bergkamp pointed out we need some variety. 


        •  Sad that an 18 year old Chamberlain is our best and only player other than RVP capable of something different but how long before he dies off like AA23…

          Gervinho coming back might provide some much needed spark up front but again nothing to shout about because he misses more sitters than any player i’ve ever seen play the game.

    • That’s how i feel about it too John.. Arsene’s hands have been tied too long and that’s why i never call for the managers head.
      I feel his been stuck between the fans and the board between a rock and a hard place and admire him for that for he is a man of principle.

      • Hands tied is one thing but when he spends £9m on Park who can’t get near the first team, the excuses go out the window. 

        Aside from the transfer spend, what excuses can you have for the paucity of the defensive coaching. Our fullbacks refuse to cut out the cross and our centre-backs won’t attack the ball in the air – these are all things that our master and chief has presided over and has to take responsibility for. 

        Structurally the club is broken from top to bottom but whilst the cash rolls in nothing happens. 

      • In ARSEN we get humiliated at Man U, Swansea, Blackburn, Spurs & Milan. The man has become a liability and not an asset. VP will leave in the summer and what top player in their right mind, looking at Arsenal as they are now – not what they WERE in 98, 02 & 04 – would want to join the club now? For god’s sake woman wake up and smell the coffee, this club has gone backwards since we lost to Barcelona in 2006, and it is not going to improve while Wenger is at the helm. Please put on your Doctor Spock ears and try to look at the facts logically; no team spirit, no heart, no passion, no tactical awareness combined with a group of very mediocre players equals football oblivion. We are going nowhere under Wenger. He used to be a decent manager – never a great one – but NOT anymore. Will he be sacked? No, of course he won’t. Will he resign before his contract is up? Not a chance in hell. So be happy, Jenny, Wenger’s going nowhere. Just don’t expect the rest of us to be as happy as you. I’m an Arsenal fan till the day I die. I am no longer a Wenger fan.

  24. In Arsene we trust? I differ. AW should give way to another ambitious person who can take Arsenal to the next stage. Watching Arsenal is disgusting these days. I am a deeply frustrated fan.

    • Arsene wants the best for us and he will turn it around.. The man who transformed the whole club and is the best manager we ever had cannot leave.
      Have we forgotten the ‘double double’ and the invincibles and the great passing game his given us?

      In Arsene we trust.

      • How naive are you?, he had all Summer to fix things, he knew Cesc and Nasri were going but did fuck all, how long will you keep convincing yourself that Wenger is the man to take us forward, he has been found out so much this season, he  has lost the plot, In Wenger we rust, we are a team in decline and have been for three years and now it’s evident to everyone except the AKB brigade and Wenger  the despot and the fuck heads on the board We are a joke and we have the Tiny Totts in a couple of weeks, think we will win that, open your eyes mate Wenger has been found out

  25. Something i noticed last night and i don’t know if anyone else noticed was Henry laughing and joking with Zlatan at the end of the match.
    Now as much as i love Henry that does’nt sit with me at all, infact i’m beginning to wonder if Henry really cares? By the looks of it he could’nt give a F23k. He should of been very sad  for all the fans who traveld out there instead showed a face that did’nt give a toss!

    • What did you expect? ignore a fellow professional, they are friends off the pitch, the game was done so were we, I didn’t see anything wrong in that, vent your anger at the fool Wenger, his piss poor tactics, his lack of vision.

  26. Ramsey, Rosesky, Arteta, Theo: 4 players of oedinary quality who at best can be part of bottom 6 teams. With these 4 in the middle any defence in the world will look oridinary.Add Gibs to this list & it was one of the bottom 6 EPL team vs AC Milan . But  who you want to blame ?Board is happy with any result as long as there is profit. It is now a business company after all. Board member must be laughing how AC milan is running at loss.

  27. Bloomsbury Gooner | 16/02/2012 at 23:50 |

    I have been in a state of shock for 24hrs but have just rustled up enough courage to go on the internet to read a few reviews/comments of the game.  The anger will kick in soon with Walcott top of my list to get it. 

    No doubt many Gooners aren’t going to renew their season tickets, and personally I can handle us not splashing out on top quality players, but what I can’t handle is us not selling some players – the dead wood that seem to have been rotting away for years.  Wenger just can’t seem to let go of these has-beens and never-was merchants. Almunia (miserable, depressed and finished), Fabianski (can’t catch a ball, but hopefully catches a 1-way flight out of London for good), Squillaci (worse than Silvestre), Djourou (worse then Squilacci), Rosicky (when did he last score/make an assist/kick a ball without using the outside of his foot), Walcott (no heart, no work rate, no balls, no hope), Chamakh (lame, 3-legged donkey), (Park (who?), Diaby (£70K a week for lying on a hospital bed for the last 5 years), Arshavin (Perestroika mark II is required for this comrade), Bendtner/Vela/Denilson (they want to leave ARSENAL so what are we doing paying these useless pricks).

    I don’t care what we get for them. Give them away, pay them off, lock them in that storage facility where Indiana Jone’s Arc is…..ANYTHING. Just never be allowed to wear the Arsenal shirt again.  You never cared about Arsenal and you never will.

    • DANTHEHOTSPURMAN | 17/02/2012 at 14:22 |


  28. Hi

    Just to let you all know I met up with Jenny last night in a back street bar in London and although the surroundings were a bit strange and the lighting was a bit gloomy to say the least we managed to put our differences behind us, I even managed to curl my tongue around her ear lobe and had her admitting that she had a real thing for Hoddles legs as a kid, I want you all to know we went back to her flat and all I am prepared to say is that she roared louder than the park lane end when Bigsy showed her his formation, this is a picture I took prior to her leaving for work this morning and as you can see she is perfectly happy with Bigsy..we are an item now and it is official,

  29. When Arsenal drew 0-0 with AC Milan at the Emirates and went to defeat them 2-0 at San-Ciro some seasons back, no one questioned the technical abilities of Wenger. The fans should learn to swallow bitter pills sometimes. after all, no one had believed a win at San-Ciro was possible back then. arsenal can still beat AC Milan 5-0 at the Emirates.  

  30. Mertsacker had operation on ankle out for long term !..that makes you stronger now in The Derby..im gutted wanted him playing !

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