Take the test and see if you know what being an Arsenal supporter means…

Are you a true Gooner? Do you support this team in good times and bad? Take the test below and see if you know what being an Arsenal supporter means. The noise levels and fan support clearly encouraged our players on Saturday. There was a moment when many fans were seen to be bouncing in harmony. This was brilliant. Arsene Wenger made his substitutions far earlier than usual and even took off Adebayor and Eboue! The change of formation putting Nasri into the middle proved the master stroke, so Arsene is doing his bit too. It is the second time that I was proud of many of our fans in the Stadium and could this be a turning point for the previous anti-Wenger Gooners who realise that playing the Premier league without Champions League Footie next season would be a disaster.
The desire of the players in direct response to the fans was the best that I have seen for some time. I recommend that Carlos Vela is played from the start of the second half from now on to give us more time to create havoc against the teams that park the “Bus” in front of the goal. Last season we were being criticised for being over elaborate in front of goal, on Saturday we were at least trying to shoot outside the six yard box.  Arsene Wenger has acknowledged how difficult it has become to break down teams when he said on Arsecom

“You go 10 years back everybody played a strict 4-4-2. I can remember maybe one team coming here with one striker.
“This year I can’t remember a single team coming here with two strikers, except Hull who played three just at the start but slowly they have come back and become like the other teams.
“[The Premier League] has definitely lost something. It has been linked temporarily this year with the fact the League is so tight. Teams after ninth place are all scared to go down and that could make everybody be more cautious. But I can remember when I arrived in 1996 everybody had a go at you, that meant you had space up and down. Sometimes you lost the game, but you could see more chances than we did against Bolton.”

So whilst understanding the frustration of diehard Gooners, they have to understand that when at the Emirates, the support of our team comes first. Please moan after the game if you have to, but Saturday’s response by the team confirmed that we CAN act as the 13th man. The question is, can we see through our impatient and confused emotions to help our lads through the next four games? We have now gone seven games unbeaten in the Premier League WDDDWWW taking 15 out of a possible 21 points. Compare that with the previous seven of WDLWLLW of only 10 points out of 21. With an eleven unbeaten game run the league table will then take on a more confident look, trust me on this. We are just 4 points off second place which realistically means that a third place finish is more than possible.
Take the test. How supportive a fan are you? This test can be taken even if you do not attend regularly or not a season ticket holder, but if you have never been to the Emirates, you can only answer the questions hypothetically of course.
Q1 If an Arsenal player misplaces a pass more than twice do you…
a)      Boo
b)      Groan loudly
c)       Silent scream
d)      Say “unlucky mate, shit happens, c’mon you Arsenal”
Q2 If after a prolonged period of missed chances, the player concerned finally converts a less than perfect chance do you…
a)      Cheer & Go mental
b)      Sigh and say “At last ffs!”
c)       Refuse to cheer feeling that is what he is paid to do
d)      Give the credit to the player that passed the ball to him
Q3 If the fans start to sing “C’mon Arsenal “after a frustrating passage of play do you
a)      Sing it with gusto hoping that your rebuke is heeded by the players
b)      Sing with gusto and wave your scarves
c)       Refuse to sing, but shout it accompanied by a personal derogatory expletive
d)      Remain silent and shake your head in disbelief
Q4 Do you ever use the following phrases to complain about an Arsenal player who is going through an unusual bad spell.
a)      He’s rubbish
b)      He should be sold
c)       He is lazy and overpaid
d)      My granny could play better than that –(with a hint of comedy)
Q5 You usually leave five minutes before the end to avoid the queues and now Arsenal are losing by one goal and there are two minutes remaining, do you
a)      leave the stadium expecting a defeat
b)      Decide to stay and give the lads your support
c)       Leave, thinking that they will always score as I’m going down the stairs anyway
d)      Leave, thinking my ticket pays their wages, so I’ll leave when I want to.

My Revenge On Ben Foster

You are my Arsenal, my only Arsenal
You make me happy, when skies are grey,
You never notice how much I love you,
Until you take, my Arsenal away…
LAlalalala  OOOooh La la la lala OOOooohh

Results of test (points awarded 4, 2,1 and 0)
Q1. a0b1c2d4 Q2. a4b2c1d0  Q3. a2b4c0d1 Q4. a0b1c2d4 Q5. a1b4c2d0
If you scored between 20 and 18 – take a bow solid Gooner,  you know what it means to support your team
If you scored between 16 and 12 – Ok you need to refocus, it aint as bad as you think. But you are true to the cause.
If you scored between 10 and 8 – You are losing the faith, go and watch some Arsenal Gold to understand why you support this club.
If you scored below 6 – Arsenal fan? you sure about that?
If you scored less than 4 – You’re on the wrong f*ckin blog you Chav twat!
Fabregas the King.

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