Tasty Rambo's Arsenal role is one to relish

Welcome to Arsenal FC 2011 – home of the £9.90 burger. That’s what is cost me to fill my face at half-time yesterday as the glorious Gunners crusied to a 3-0 win over West Brom. Admittedly, I was in Club Level. Admittedly, it was a gourmet version with a few chips and a smattering of salad and relish. But a tenner for a burger? Anyway, yes I am a moaning git and yes there are more important issues to discuss than me having to dig deep to expand my waistband (where did I put my snakebelt?).
Great to see RVP continue his fine form in front of goal and special to see the Verminator score, while Mikel Arteta’s* goal was a peach, too. But the stand-out moment for me was Rambo’s pass to Theo (I use nicknames and first names but be assured I know none of the players personally – although I did CLAIM TO FAME ALERT meet Theo’s Dad Don once).
I have been unsure about Rambo since his leg-break and have often voiced by concerns about his state of mind since Shawcross snapped him in two but that ball which led to our first goal was superb. Put you in mind of a certain impish Spaniard now doing the business for Barcelona? More power to you, Rambo. Our midfield cognition is to be admired.
At the back it was TV5’s turn alongside Kos with Per Man the German having a rest on the bench. Options in central defence. Whatever next? Santos continues to be an enigma but I think he will become a cult hero in time. And fair play to Jenko for a steady display at right back.
Reserved a muffled chuckle especially fot the deluded WBA fans who sung about our lack of troubling the pot polish for a good few years. And you have won what, exactly my little boingers?
So now we enter a period where, if we were at sea, we could call the doldrums. That awful two weeks or so when the Arsenal aren’t in action and we all mope around waiting for the merest snippet of news of 0ur team, players, manager and cost of the food (stop it).
International periods don’t bother me anymore as I long ago gave up giving a fig about England. Obviously, there is a certain nervousness going into the games because we can do without any more injures. Moving on.
Let me close with an AW line post-match on RVP: “When I was a kid, I remember players used to have three categories: national class, international class and world class. Perhaps only five players, maybe 10, were world class. The only thing we know about Robin is that he’s world class.”
*Heard a decent ditty about Mik yesterday…
‘Follow, follow, follow, the Arsenal’s the team to follow…
And no-one is better than Mikel Arteta, he’s the best looking Spaniard I know…’

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