Ten Games And The Guns Are Still Blazing

On paper Sunderland was a done deal, our interest was by how much our goal difference would increase, not whether we will get the three points, on the pitch Roy Keanes men had other ideas, not that they were any better than Derby, but they seemed to have the kind of faith and belief that Derby lacked. Ade. fired the warning shots just 25secs into the match and two goals up and a third disallowed meant this was going to be a field day. But Keanes men kept their ideas to themselves, and with the lines man helping (I still cant find the reason for his flag) they grew in the belief that lack might be knocking at the back door. This belief seemed to have paid off when they got a goal before half time and a quick equaliser in the second half. Certainly the faint hearted Arsenal fans seemed to hold their hearts in the hand, but then give it to Wengers guns, this season they are not the type to take kindly to such disrespect as was shown by sanderland. They had to know who the boss is at the emirates.

With Rvp once again finding his scoring boots and especialy those trade mark free kicks, they had no chance. That was a shocker, the power, the pace of the ball and the manner in which it rattled the top wood work would leave any keeper at a lose. Gordon for all his GBP8+million was helpless, if you thought that was all, the second from Rvp was even more sumptous, a delicate control and a power strike all in a split second which left Gordon with no chance even when he managed his hand on the ball.

And you just have to give it to Ade, he realy ran these chaps down, he was a handful to the back line of Sunderland, he had some deft ball control, nicely knocked down those aerial balls, Ade is a delight to watch on the ball. I have always admired Ade for what he brings into the team, even when many had lost faith in him, i always believed his team mates were not yet reading his game well especially in the last season and that accounted for what appeared to be his wastefulness when making passes.

My Revenge On Ben Foster

That understanding seems to have improved this season and appears to be improving with every game, this has made Ade’s contribution to the team more visible and is begining to endear him to the sceptics. I also thought Theo had a good game, but i think the gods have a hand in his lack of goals, not that i am superstitious but how else can you explain the miss when he had the net to himself and yet another miss when he did everything right only to be denied by the wood work.

Then comes Toure, as if to out do Rvp Kolo Toure sent a rocket of a ball from nearly 40yards, Gordon thoroughly beaten and only the wood work again stood up to the bullet, it was just a reminder to all who is the captain. Hleb is fast becoming a target for opposition players, last week he survived a horror  tackled and the assilant only got away with a yellow card, today he was yet faced with another potentially dangerous challenge and give credit to Rob styles he sent the chap off. While the red card might be debatable but i thought this guy came on hleb with his studds open directled it right into the guys balls and went on to use his knee, i thought the red card was good as a strong message that the player will always be protected and deter future intentions from others. He is certainly a handful on the arsenal side and greately depletes the opposing team numbers by holding up three or four of them at ago. While Ade runs them out, Hleb twists them stomach in and back out not a nice experience is it.

On to our goal keeping department most will not agree with me but i think we need Lehman back, Almunia is good but can’t hold up consistently for five, six, seven games. Already we have seen signs of him cracking, i believe if he had the defence we had last season he would have cracked the more. What do you guys think.


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