As the euphoria from Sunday’s astonishing win over our noisy neighbours starts to die down we should be giving thanks to whatever deities inspired that Lazarus like resurrection.
A goal down after only four minutes, albeit one resulting from another defensive slip and an unlucky deflection, could have led to a kind of meltdown.  Instead the team started to play Wengerball, passing with speed and accuracy, running into space, actually wanting the ball.
Goal scoring chances came and went and then a breakaway, and the dodgiest of decisions, increased the deficit after thirty-four minutes.  Bale ran into the box and with no apparent contact from the ‘keeper collapsed into an ungainly heap. Penalty said the ref, but clearly not enough of a penalty to warrant a red card or even a yellow one for that matter.  Two nil down and staring into the abyss!
At that point many fans could be forgiven for dreading the next hour, anticipating the kind of horror show seen at Old Trafford and in the San Siro.  Suddenly though Arsenal fought back, showing a spirit and togetherness, which was a delight to see, they took the ball and the game away from Spurs and thoroughly routed them.
Our defence suddenly steadied itself, the midfield totally dominated and the goals started to flow.  Two down after half an hour, all square at half time.
The resurgence gained pace as the second half began, and Spurs were made to look, not just ordinary, but totally ineffective.  Three more goals for the Gunners and a sending off for the increasingly desperate Parker sealed a victory that had seemed so unlikely after the earlier set-backs.
A warm smile suffused the previously haggard cheeks of Arsene Wenger while it was time for Harry Redknapp to sit slumped in his seat with the defeated, bewildered expression of a man totally at a loss to understand what had just happened to his much vaunted team.
For us Arsenal fans it is time to back our manager, get behind our players and pray to those mysterious deities that this truly is a resurrection and not just another ephemeral false dawn to be blown away by a capricious breeze at Anfield in a few days time.

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