10 things I hate about Arsenal
OK, during this International break and before the news of goings on in the Boardroom, I thought that I would have a light hearted rant. As Arsenal fans we are long suffering and this rant is mainly aimed at those of us who attend the Emirates. I find myself incredibly frustrated at times and I thought that I would share these with you. I have chosen 10 things as this is convention, but you may have many more. Please share those with me below.
I love the Arsenal, but as these minor irritations go, wouldn’t it be great if we truly had nothing to complain about. I suppose then we would not be Arsenal fans, we would in fact be Sunderland supporters…

  1. The Home shirt 2009/10 – makes us look like Charlton Athletic of three seasons ago.
  2. “The wonder of you” anthem played before the game. I arrive at the last moment especially so that I can miss it.
  3. The PA announcer who expects us to chant the surname of players like demented five year olds.
  4. That even with a state of the art PA system Arsene Wenger’s voice remains totally inaudible.
  5. The price of a Chicken Balti pie at £4 it’s seriously taking the piss.
  6. The fact that some fans in Block 5/6 start a chant and race to finish it before the rest of the stadium has managed to join in.
  7. The fact that fans have this obsession to chant about Tottenham even when we are playing Portsmouth?
  8. Fans who refuse to cheer their team.
  9. The price of season tickets and category A away tickets that require hundreds of credits.
  10. Fans who leave the game 10 minutes before the end.

Ok then over to you guys…

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