The FTK Rant: Finish off Boltons of this world and I don’t care who you buy!

I have a growing feeling that this our season. Not because of the impending transfers, or the fact that we have had a good pre-season. I sense a purpose among fellow Gooners, that there is a job that needs doing, and that job can begin on Saturday at Goodison park at 5.30. Will we have Hangerland in the team? doubtful, will we have bought Chamakh against the offer of West Ham? Who knows? Will Blaise Matuidi swop his emerald green of St Etienne for another primary colour, the blood red of the Gunners? Why should I worry? there are still 19 days to the end of the transfer window.
Call me old fashioned but there are bigger priorities in my view. I mean, isn’t it time that we translated the expectation of a win on paper into real factual results? Why can’t the weight of our pedigree create such a burden in other team’s minds so that they are beaten before they kick off against us? Have you noticed how they are referring to the teams most likely to break into the top four? With a media driven expectation that we, The Mighty Arsenal are going to drop out? So I ask for the fear factor to be put back into our national sport. The fear of playing The Gunners!
I have already blogged on the theme that when the going gets tough, The Arsenal get going, but now I want to go further. The away boys always do their stuff. They sing until hoarse, often out singing the opposition. I recall when we made Villa park and Ewood park sound like a morgue because of our continued chanting. We even silenced the mancs at Old Trafford and gave as good as we got at Anfield. But back at the Emirates, prawn sandwiches, too many glasses of Champagne, the ground’s atmosphere was a disgrace. This has to change NOW. If you are young and of a weak disposition you may want to stop reading now, as what I am about to say is X-rated.
I am even thinking of cancelling my home season tickets in favour of away season tickets, such is my frustration with the home support. In return  for the support given by fans on the road, I want results this season, I expect an uncharacteristic ruthlessness, a positive desire to win at all costs. I want the team to take the gloves off and lets hit below the belt at least once, so that the word goes around the Premiership, Arsenal are not taking any prisoners. I am not asking for gamesmanship or dirty play, I am not even asking for unbridalled aggression. I say Lets kill the teams below us stone dead! When we have our foot on their windpipes, lets finish the job and snuff out any chance of survival!
Arsenal can play the high paced beautiful game and blow teams away without any physical contact. We can out pass any team in Europe, but it’s what we do in the final third at both ends that count. I want us to put steel into our defending of set pieces, and deadly accuracy into our chances in front of the opponents goal. We can and will do it this season why? because we have already been written off. Mark my words, The Arsenal are close to coming back, with or without the intended transfers due. In fact instead of worrying about this target or that proposed buy, shouldn’t we just get the message across to Wenger Gazidis and the squad, As long as you can finish off the Bolton’s of this world, I don’t care who you buy…
Rant over!

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