This is Da Silva Lining we are waiting for

If I were Martin O’Neill, I will be gutted to see the rejuvenated performance against Cardiff. Never mind Arshavin, who has yet to make his debut, he will be particularly petrified by a certain da Silva, Eduardo who could potentially be the “real” saviour of our season and snatch the final Champion’s League berth away from Villa. He might be cursing on the last hour addition of Arshavin in the Jan transfer window, but what he witness on that day might turn out to be the nightmare for his talented Villa team. As one commentator during that match has mentioned, this could easily be the kind of attacking football we gooners have been missing since the long injury outlay of Eduardo.
Arsene has spoken before in recent interviews that Arsenal does not need an instant saviour in Arshavin, in a bid to minimize the burden on him. But what Arsenal needs right now, as highlighted by FTK in his recent blogs, is a leader who fights every blade of grass on the field for Arsenal. We are touched by his return to the 1st team, the moment of joy when he scored his 1st goal of the season is memorable. Even for me watching a live match 4am in the morning, I can’t help getting emotional. And my dad, awaken by the commotion, was shocked to discover that I am watching a soccer match rather than a tragic romance.
Not since the Henry era had I witness an Arsenal player who manages to unite the entire team and the gooners camp. Somehow he possessed a form of aura that inspires every outfield player to fight along side him. Non-gooners might have mistaken the No.9 as our defensive midfielder; he has shown absolutely no fear, running at defenders and making tackles. Da Silva is a solemn leader, who doesn’t speak much but based his leadership on his performance. Alike Gilberto and more so our club legend, Dennis Bergkamp – Quiet, cool-headed, with sublime technical skills. With him in our side, Eduardo has transformed our squad back to our free-flowing and attacking football that we gooners are proud of.
Also a family man, there is something about this Arshavin that I would have liken to Bergkamp. Despite being worshipped as a star back in his homeland Russia , I have a hutch that he will be the down-to-earth, hardworking player, like Eduardo, who will quietly lead this young and talented Arsenal team to greatness.  Who knows, they might even re-ignite the attacking partnership and telepathy that has been missing since the Bergkamp and Henry partnership.
Anyone caught a glimpse of Fabregas among the crowd? I could see that his eyes are beaming with renewed confidence and are really eager to play along side Arshavin and Eduardo. Let’s hope he will be back soon.
So what now? 1 up and 2 more to go. Fabregas and Walcott, I am eager to see their return and this will eventually complete our “galactico” attacking unit. Sir Alex and Benitez should be seriously but silently concerned about our attacking options with Walcott, Nasri, Fabregas, Arshavin, Eduardo, Van Persie, Vela, and along with Bendtner, Rosicky, Wilshere, and Diaby who are ready to step right up. (Note: I conveniently exclude Adebayour and Eboue as I feel they need to work harder to convince us gooners)   In all, welcome back, Eduardo. And let’s welcome Arshavin to make his debut against Sunderland .
As for Arsene’s concession on the “untouchable” United team, let’s hope his comments are spurring the Fulham team to beat United. Also, they don’t necessary have to lose games to drop points, Professor! With 13 more games to go, anything can happen. A serious injury to a certain Ronaldo, Gerrard, Young or Lampard for the rest of the season is enough to derail their ambitions. It’s way too early to concede defeat. In fact, the fight has just begun!
Hail, Arsenal!

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