Three Tossers

Before I get into the main point of this blogpost, I must congratulate the team once again for another special couple of weeks. I may be a bit peculiar, but I consider the two draws with the Pool and ManUre to be much better than had we had a win and a loss, even though that would have given us an extra point. Coming from behind and snatching a draw is always so, so much nicer than letting a lead slip right at the end. Obviously.
So Old Red Nose’s comments about us celebrating Willy’s last gasp equaliser like we had just won the world cup is rather stupid and pathetic really. Our joy was in direct proportion to their misery. And half of our joy was witnessing their misery. Lovely.
The Carling Cup match sandwiched between these two games up at Bramall Lane was also extremely enjoyable, and the gulf in class was there for everyone to see. Then came the bore draw in Prague, which was another game we may well have lost last season. Considering the dreadful conditions and the fact that the Prague team were prepared to die rather than lose to us after their humiliation at the Emirates, I reckon it was a most satisfactory performance and result.
Now I want to get to my main point and comment on the latest debate regarding the restriction of foreign players in starting elevens.
Once again – courtesy of Messieur Platini, Sir Red Nose and now Steve Coppell – this ugly chestnut rears its ugly head yet again. Most gooners, I suspect, would like to see more Englishmen in our team. It doesn’t seem that long ago (16 years to be precise) when we were winning the title with (Anders Limpar apart) virtually all Englishmen – and only losing just the one game along the way.
What is the matter with these guys? If they bothered to do some research before they opened their stupid mouths they would find that Arsene has nurtured and developed some great English football talent during his ten years in charge. Recently the likes of Bentley, Pennant (though he was bought as a kid from Notts County), Sidwell and Justin Hoyte, have all become regular Premiership players and now youngsters Kieran Gibbs, Mark Randall, Matthew Connolly, Kerrea Gilbert, Henri Lansbury, Gavin Hoyte, Rene Steer, Jay Simpson, James Dunne and Paul Rodgers all have great futures ahead of them and most of these kids should go on to achieve top flight football. As Arsene rightly says, it takes years for a good youngster to be groomed into a Premiership quality player, but as has been clearly demonstrated by Cesc, if they are good enough, they will get their chance.
If they can’t actually achieve that success here at Arsenal, it’s because other non-English players are better than them. It’s as simple as that.
Of course Arsene could go out and buy the ‘best’ English players if he wanted to waste the clubs money. £16million for Marcus Bent or £3 for Robin van Persie?
The trouble with English football, whether it is the fault of the schools or the clubs they go on to join, is that, like the National team, they don’t seem to be coached correctly. It seems to be all about running, tough tackling and stamina, rather than about imagination and ball skills.
I am sure one or more of the above mentioned lads will make it into our first team eventually – lets hope they all do – but it will be because of their talent and ability and not because of where they were born.
So shut up and get real you bunch of tossers.

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