Time For An Arsenal Historical Society?

With no real Arsenal news or events to comment on at the moment I thought I’d share with you an idea that’s been buzzing around my head for a while now – the formation of an Arsenal Historical Society.
There a LOT of material out there on the history of Arsenal. A new book has recently been published on Arsenal’s early years. The match programme for the last game of the season contained an interesting article about a guy who wants to re-publish a lot of out of print books covering Arsenal.
What there isn’t is a dedicated Arsenal Archive, nor the resources or organisation to support it. Like most people, I have a lot of ideas which I never seem to find the time to follow up. Whilst it’s relatively quiet in the football close season I thought I’d “run the idea up the flagpole” as management consultants are prone to say and see if anybody salutes.
Like a lot of Gooners I’m fascinated with every aspect of the club. I’m sure there will be citizens of the Gooner Republic with the right skills to make a real success of such a venture. I also think it’s possible that the club might be prepared to back such a venture.
I’ve thought about linking up with the history departments of London Metropolitan University, Greenwich University and other educational institutions and schools. Despite the flood of books about everything connected with Arsenal, there’s still so much history to explore. The scope is really endless.
I know Arsenal Independent Supporters’ Association (AISA) is interested in the idea. Anybody else out there in the Gooner Nation think it’s a good idea too?
Be interested to see comments posted on this idea. I’m also keen to hear from anybody interested in being involved in such a project. Email me (address below) with your contact details. Let me know if you’re a member of Arsenal Football Supporters’ Club and/or AISA and or Arsenal Supporters’ Trust already.

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