Time is right for Jack the lad...

Let’s not dwell on the awful events of Saturday. The minutiae of our shambolic performance has been well and truly scrutinised by now and it’s pointless going over old ground. Still basking in the warm after-glow of humiliating T******** and then…well, that’s football. All I will say is Jack Wilshere should have started, especially since we were missing Cesc.
So Partisan Belgrade tomorrow night in the Champions League and the perfect opportunity to get the defeat our of our system. A decent fist of it out in Serbia will also serve to sharpen the focus on the trip to Chelsea on Sunday.
It’ll be interesting to see which keeper AW picks for the game after MA1’s decidedly dodgy doings against the Baggies but one keeper seemingly not on his way to Emirates after all is Mark Schwarzer. Apparently our summer target is now in talks to extend his contract at Fulham.
Today’s Mirror says the Australia put in a transfer request last month following a bid from us but they refused to sell because our offer wasn’t big enough. There was talk of him coming to us in the January transfer window but that doesn’t appear to be the case because Fulham now want the 37-year-old to finish his career at Craven Cottage. Mark Hughes said: “He’s settled down and we’re talking to him in terms of his future. He’s got options. He’s in the last year of his contract so we’d like to think his future lies here.”
Now to address my obsession with hating the team that dare not speak its name. Some interesting quotes from Mr Redknapp this morning. He said:  “I’d like to get another couple of flair players for the side to go with the likes of Van der Vart and Modric. You don’t give the ball away when you’ve got players like that. You look at Arsenal, they’re all popping the ball around to each other. If people want the ball, you’ve got a chance because they tend not to give the ball away.
“I’d much rather play that way, to be honest with you, than have people in there who are hammer-throwers, and keep passing the ball to the other team and then tackling people to get it back again. I’d rather go the other way.”

Crap joke alert: Which social networking site does HR use? Er, Twitcher…

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