Trying hard not to agree with stupid people, the Arsenal fan dilemma

Idiots. That whole banner yielding posse who rocked up to the Sutton game. “Au Revoir Arsene”….. how many of those learned chaps do you reckon knows that “Au Revoir” translates more accurately to “see you later”/ “until next time”. So effectively, the banner basically ends with “see you at the Liverpool game Arsene”. BIG STATEMENT LADS.
To the rest of you, when there’s an argument, what’s your process behind deciding where you stand? Let’s say for the ease of it, it’s a binary argument, so you just have two options to choose from. Do you objectively take in all the facts presented to you to start with? Do you go find someone who’s opinion you respect and ask them what they think first? Do you just not get involved unless you’re forced to and take a swig out of your hip flask instead?
I have this annoying habit of looking at what the people I think seem like idiots are thinking, and then doing everything I can to convince myself that the best solution is the opposite to theirs. To be honest, usually it actually works out pretty well and fast-tracks me to the right answer. I also feel pretty confident in saying that in some way or another my approach isn’t that different to what many others do.
So Wenger-In, Wenger-Out? Let’s ignore for a fact that you absolutely do have to take into consideration nuances like who is available to take over should Wenger leave now. Let’s just imagine it’s a binary argument where it’s just simply “Should Arsene Wenger be the manager of Arsenal football club next season?”
Personally. I’d answer no. I don’t think he should be, but that’s based on a bunch of pros, cons, and trade-offs I’ve weighed up in my head in terms of how it impacts on me personally as a season ticket holder of Arsenal FC. However, the fact that me being of that opinion means I therefore have come to the same conclusion and desired outcome as certain people who quite frankly seem disrespectful, ignorant and just well… thick as shit, really makes me want to go the other way. I really want to be convinced that sticking with Arsene is the right thing to do because of these numpties.
Let’s go back to that recent banner again of “Every good story has an ending… Au Revoir Arsene”. You’re forgiven if you couldn’t read it properly on TV because the guys holding it were more concerned about getting their face shown on TV than making sure the banner was clearly visible. Anyway the behaviour & the banner typifies why I feel the way I do. Let’s break it down into the two constituent parts:
“Every good story has an ending”
Is this the writer’s attempt to be really deep? Does he think that people are going to read that, pause, and be like “Wow, that’s such a good way of putting it. It has been a good story but Craig David’s Fill Me In had a really good story and that actually had an ending too!! Come to think of it so does that story that Barry told me the other day about when he was in that pub, that has an ending as well!! FFS now I think of it, every story I know has an ending! This has changed my view, I’ve never considered this situation in that way, ok, I’ve changed my mind, it’s Arsene Out!”
“Au Revoir Arsene”
Why is the writer switching to French? Actually no I can picture it now, “Lads haha, you know Wenger is French yeah? Well I know what Goodbye is in French! I actually f*cking do as well bruv!! Wouldn’t it be proper good if I wrote it in French on my banner?! People would think it’s well clever!!!!” No you clown. No. It’s not clever, it doesn’t increase your credibility, and it also touches on why people think a lot of what’s thrown at Wenger is disrespectful. Why are you writing it in French given you know for a fact the guy speaks perfect English? In fact, he probably has a broader grasp of the language than you have. If you’re trying to make a point, how is this helping that point being made at all? Don’t think for a second he’s gonna look at that and be like “Oh well those guys are making an effort to write in my mother tongue, that’s really good of them.”
Brings me onto the final point with this statement. Who the hell is it directed at? It’s written like it’s directed at Wenger himself. Does this guy think that Arsene is gonna look at his banner and be like “You know what, they’re right. I didn’t think I should leave before but that sign, I mean it tells me about how stories are structured and then speaks to me in French…. I’ve changed my mind. I’m going to leave. Thank you bannermen, thank you.”
Guys, let’s also remember something really f*cking important here regardless of whether you are Wenger-In or Out. Do you really think the guy is not meeting our expectations on purpose? Do you think he purposely is not winning the Premier League or not winning the Champions’ League? If the answer is no, which it should be, then why do some people seem to think Wenger should walk away? He’s doing his dream job. This is his dream job guys. If you had your dream job, you got paid millions and your bosses wanted you to stay, why the hell would you walk away? If you wanted to do things a certain way and your bosses seemed cool with that, why would you do it differently?
Be pissed at the guy if you think he’s making bad decisions, that’s ok. It’s your right to have an opinion just as it’s his right to look at you and think that he probably knows more about football than you do. However if you have anger at Wenger still being in charge, direct it to the Board. Why is anyone directing at him? This whole thing about “Oh but he’s so powerful, he decides his future”….. if that’s the case it’s still not bloody his fault he’s in that situation! Blame the Board. Don’t focus on a guy who at his worst, gave us Champions League football and always showed loyalty to us. Fine if you think we need a new direction and think he’s not the way forward, that’s fair, but don’t be disrespectful to the guy and in fact don’t even direct it at him. It’s really stupid.

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