Van der Vaart: I'm a do-as-you-likey

Take heart fellow followers of the Wenger faith…MA1 nor indeed Lucasz Fabianksi are as bad as this keeper…are they? Oh god…I just know I have spoken too soon ahead of the Premier League game against Bolton at home tomorrow!
Moving swiftly on and it’s never nice to focus on that lot down the road first thing in the morning but I have to admit that the admission from Rafael van der Vaart that he is a, er, member of thr travelling community did catch my attention.
The Dutchman told who no-one wanted yet ‘wheeler-dealer’ Harry insisted he was a steal at £8mil from Real Madrid told the Mirror he grew up as a gypsy and lived in a caravan before joining the Ajax academy at the age of ten.
He said: “That was the way my family lived. My father was born there and it is a lifestyle. Maybe it is not a normal lifestyle but I always liked it. I always played football on the street. It was an easy life.
“Then I was 10 years old and went to Ajax and played there for almost 12 years. Then life starts to change.
“When I was playing in the first team for Ajax I bought a house for my parents. The lifestyle changed and now they are living in a normal house.
“It was the first time they lived in a house so it was strange. It was a lifestyle decision, it was better.
“For me it was really nice because it was a different lifestyle. Everyone was looking and saying ‘isn’t it strange to live there’. For me, it helped me because I was like a street fighter. You have to fight for your place.”
Cue any number of what used to be called terrace chants from us and a few other clubs who dislike them…not least of which one that goes: “The wheels on my house…” – a ditty often aimed at Romford Pele from opposing fans if I rememeber.
Right, for those of you who will be at the game tomorrow, I’ll be the one in the East Stand Upper Tier front row with the hip flask. FOYS!

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