Vic Tries To Steady The Ship!

If you’re anything like me you’re still getting the “Messerschmitt Twitch” every time you think about the last two matches. If you’re unfamiliar with this condition, it’s one that used to afflict Allied pilots during the Second World War and particularly the Battle of Britain. Pilots who’d been jumped once to often by a German fighter coming out of the sun at them would develop a nervous twitch. Bit like ‘Arry Redknapp really.
The air is thick at the moment with demands that Arsčne dust off the club cheque book in the winter transfer window. I’m not so sure about this. Fine, if he can get the player or players he wants at the right price but let’s not indulge in panic buys. They hardly ever work. We should be taking a more strategic view and looking to buy in the summer. It would be nice to tie up moves for any players selected for the World Cup before the tournament as we did with Tomáš Rosický before Germany 2006.
Players who have a decent World Cup tend to have their prices inflated. There’s also a tendency to overrate players who have a good international tournament. We bought John Jensen from Brøndby IF of Copenhagen after his good performances, including a long-range Howitzer goal in the final for Denmark against Germany in the European Championships in Sweden in 1992. We all thought we’d bought a goal-scoring midfielder. Not. I happen to think that Jensen was a better holding midfielder than he was given credit for but he was no world-beater.
What we do need to do LIVELY is steady the ship. We haven’t suddenly become a bad side. We have been afflicted – AGAIN – with long-term injuries with threaten to wreck yet another season. No, we still aren’t the finished article but we’ve improved on last season. Now we have to learn how not to be muscled out of games as were by Chelsea last Sunday (and in last season’s FA Cup semi-final). It’s incredibly hard to remain patient I know but I’m convinced our patience will be rewarded in the end.
Keep the faith!

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