We need a miracle now...

If I hadn’t known much better then I would have thought it was the end of November and I’d just watched Arsenal get spanked by Chelsea again.  If we manage to win the title now it will be a miracle, and surely yesterday must have finally shown Arsene Wenger that the current squad is not good enough to win the title.
People may point and say “oh but we have injuries” and that key players are out, and this is where we fall down because some of the players that come in are no where near good enough and even some of the first team players are not up to scratch.
To start with Manuel Almunia is not a top rate goalkeeper and never will be and neither is his understudy Lucas Fabianski.
We need a world class goalkeeper to replace Manuel as first choice.  As the transfer deadline has passed without us signing anymore players then we’ll have to see out this season with him in goal.  You can’t expect to be challenging for the title and then palm the ball into the net to give your opponents the lead.
Denilson may as well have stayed at home for all the good he did yesterday and if everyone who was stood in the North Lower yesterday can see Rooney storming through the middle of the pitch unmarked from the second he laid the ball off to Nani then our defence should too.
Can someone also tell me where the real Gael Clichy has disappeared to because the one on show yesterday was a shadow of his former self.  The defending for United’s third goal was a complete joke.  Let’s just hope that it like that was a one off.
I said in my previous notes that we needed to beat Villa and get at least a draw versus Man United.  Unfortunately neither of those happened, and it’s now left us needing to beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge to keep our titles hope alive.  I’m not quite giving up hope yet, but I really do think that its last chance saloon next Sunday.
Should Chelsea beat Hull midweek and then turn us over at the weekend we would need to make up 11 points on the West London side which is a big ask for any team to do.  Maybe yesterday’s result will make people realise that virtually handing the F.A Cup tie to Stoke wasn’t such a good idea considering we could be out of the title race by this time next week.
Should the worst happen we’ve got to at least make sure we don’t let one of the other sides slip in and take the Champions League berth we so desperately need.
Finally I am looking forward to heading to Stamford Bridge next weekend, those that have visited there in recent seasons will know the atmosphere and edge in the ground has gone up a notch or two, especially since they moved us to the Shed.  That lower tier is always bouncing and it will be interesting to see how much stick John Terry is going to get from the travelling Gooners over Wayne Bridge.
It really wouldn’t surprise me that we will now go and beat Chelsea,  we had to beat Liverpool back in Decmber and managed to do it.  Let’s hope Andrei Arshavin can find his shooting boots again for the match!

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