Wenger Close To Signing A new Deal

Arsene Wenger looks set to agree a new deal to stay in charge at Arsenal.

Wenger, who turns 61 in October, will be out of contract next summer but confirmed at a press conference ahead of the opening Premier League game of the season at Liverpool that a new deal was on the table.

“I have to show as well how much I believe in this team by showing my commitment,” he said. “My situation will be sorted out very soon. It is more a question about timing, and all the other ingredients which are in a contract will be easy to sort out.”

The French coach has revolutionised the North London club since his arrival as a relative unknown in late September 1996, going on to win the domestic double in his first full season.

However, since the club moved to their new Emirates Stadium home, Wenger’s young side have been unable to supply any more silverware, the last trophy being the 2005 FA Cup.

Yet the Gunners boss continues to have faith in both his own ability and that the current crop of talent will finally come of age.

“I believe my commitment to the club has nothing do with the speculation of how the season would go, because that would be unfair,” he added.

“If I do not do well, and one day the club is not happy with me I can completely understand that I do not stay here any more.

“But I believe we will do well.

“We know people want more from us and we are ready to give more, but success is to win the league.”

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  1. There is nothing about a new signing in this article. WTF!

  2. show us ur commitment by buying a keeper centre half and defencive midfielder please please please

  3. show your commitment by buying a gk,cd and a def mid mr. wenger !!! 🙁 insider any word on hart or given ? mancini was to decide after training today.im sure the player knows by now ?

  4. This is very bad news,god help us.

  5. GOOD!but, fill the appertures found to win trophy!.

  6. I can’t believe that we are going into the first game of the Season without any real cover at Centre Back,with the two Goal-Keeping clowns still in pole position and without any proper cover in Defensive Midfield.Wenger’s contract extension is all well and good if he is prepared to bring players desperately needed by the Club!

  7. John in Norfolk | 13/08/2010 at 17:06 |

    Abhishek D

    The article is not about a new signing, it’s about Wenger signing a new contract. Do please try to pay attention!!!

  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8E6sWiJotUU&playnext=1&videos=6hFsWCNNEgI&feature=grec_index

    plz sign this player if u want to win title

    current crop not good enough

  9. For Christ sake tell the board to f**king insert a clause in the contract expressly stating that he has to spend £30m a year minimum on players each year!!!!

  10. I actually think this is bad news. He has taken the club as far as he can, we need a new injection ! Fair enough, if we win the league ? Everyone will go on and on that this is what we have waited the 5yrs for ( I really hope so ) but if not ?
    Do we really want more of the same lies and the same old Arsenal for the rest of his contract ?
    Why state that all signings would be completed before the world cup ? ( Just the same old lies )
    Dont get me wrong, I hope he proves me and lots of others wrong but I feel more of the same….
    Maybe we will buy in JAN but by then, it will probably be to far out of reach….

  11. Dont worry Arsene will make a bomb offer of 20 millions on monday to Manchester City for Given and Kompany. :-*

  12. I am a wenger fan like all of you, but we fans can be critical, about those we like, im critical of wengers spoofs about signings, seemingly blindsightedness on keepers and wish e wud get in there get the players we need, no bull, no cheapskatin. Get it done man. Stop messing, its only liverpool at anfield on sunday. This should be interestng

  13. Why would citeh sell us a GK which could potentially prevent them getting in next years CL? It will not happen.

  14. Why did we sold them one of the best defenders in the league and a guy who scored 24 goals a season before he left to a team that could push us out of the Top 4 ?

  15. We sold them Kolo because he wanted to leave, his malaria has reduced his ability and they offered more money than he was worth. We sold greedybarndoor because he wanted to go, isn’t nearly as good as he think he is and they offered more money than he was worth.
    Really, Kolo will not reach the same level as 2006/7, he’s heavier and slower than he was and the malaria can come back at any time. After he has an ‘episode’ he’s below fitness for some months. It’s not like having a cold.
    And Greedybarndoor may have scored a load of goal but his hit ratio per oppertunity is rally poor. That season a real striker could have scored over a hundred that year. We made so many oppertunities it was scary that he could miss so many. I’m not a fan of bedtner and he has a poor hit/miss ratio but it’s so much better than greedybarndoor across a season.
    That’s why.
    Citeh have no understanding of money at the moment, they’re all about football politics (a very arab situation). They can keep a really pissed off given/hart in the reserves or lend him to west brom because it will not help the competition and they don’t care about money.

  16. What makes you think he’s not looking for a GK or CBs? He’s even said he’s looking for defenders but I guess you know who is actually for sale and good enough and fits into AWs long term plans.
    I guess AW could have paid 5m for titus bramble, would that please you?
    Make no mistake, I’ll be pissed if he doesn’t get another CB but I know he’s trying!

  17. We could sold Kolo and Adebayor to teams outside of England sacrificing a bit of money but knowing that this will not make City stronger. It was clear last season that we make City stronger with this 2 players. As you said they left becauste they wanted to left and it will be the same if Given is offered what he never had, Champions League football.

  18. One minute you say Kolo’s the best defender, now you say we should have sold him overseas. He would be good to have as a back-up defender. AW didn’t try to sell him. He was offered silly money for him and Kolo could see a big pay day. Selling him elsewhere was a non-starter. Greedybarndor was different and we could have sold him elsewhere but now the ‘new club’ attitude has ended, he will revert to the dressingroom-cancer that he was with us and was at every team he’s ever played for. He does not make citeh stronger. Citeh may decide he can be sold to us, I hope so but I really doubt it. Citeh don’t give a toss about unhappy players. They pay the biggest salary and treat/trade players like cattle. T’d be amazed if they consider ‘what given wants’. Whereas Arsenal do (don’t open the ‘Cesc’ can of worms please).

  19. Should say ‘Citeh may decide Given can be sold to us, I hope so but I really doubt it.

  20. Selling Kolo was a mistake IMO but if he wanted to leave (for the troubles with Gallas more than the money) and Arsenal needed the money then Im sure that we could get almost the same money selling him to Italy or Spain, but he wanted to go to City and Arsene allow him knowing that this was going to make City stronger, mainly for his experience than his form.

    What Im trying to say is that at the end of the day the player is really who decide where to go (for money or sport reasons) IF the money is ok. That means if Given really wants to come and Bayern offer 13m, Tottenham 11m and Arsenal offers 10m then he’s ours. Of course if Given says on tv that he will love to join us and Arsenal only offers 3 millions then City will send us to F%$@ off. (All this ASSUMING that he wants to come)

  21. I appreciate what your suggesting, but it is most likely that Citeh would rather keep given to his contract. They can afford to send him home to his family and continue paying him rather than sell him to a genuine CL club.

    We couldn’t have made anywhere near the Kolo money from anyone else. He wouldn’t pass most clubs medical.

  22. Yes Im sure they can afford that but they could do the same with Robinho and they didnt. Anyway Im just assuming that he will like to come to Arsenal but maybe he doesnt give a duck of our team.

  23. they sent robinho to a different country. not really the same.

  24. Andy

    Spot on, Wenger said:
    “Let’s not be fooled by the fact we are still short at the back and we still need to add.

    “If we manage to do that we are better equipped because we have more experience. The average age of our players is now [around] 23, 24. They are real men now.”

    I’ll be pissed off too if we don’t get extra cover at the back and GK but will reserve judgement til the end of the window.

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