Wenger: Suicide is not an option...

Arsene Wenger will make an ‘announcement’ regarding our keepers once the World Cup comes to a conclusion on Sunday when Holland face Spain.
And the Arsenal manager says that Cesc Fabregas isn’t on his bike from the Emirates just yet and we shouldn’t commit SUICIDE if we don’t enjoy success!
AW has also promised that another ‘invincible’ team is on its way to bring us the silverware and glory we deserve. That’s according to an interview the boss gave to a Kenyan newspaper.
I reprint it here and beware, some of the questions are hilarious…
‘Ampher Apidi, a local sports commentator, was recently in South Africa for the World Cup. He met Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger, and discussed with him several issues on football development.
APIDI: Thank you for giving me this opportunity to have a word with you Sir.
WENGER: You are welcome. I would prefer you call me Arsene, not Sir because I’m a professor, not Sir. (Referring to Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson).
APIDI: What is your general assessment of how South Africa has hosted the 2010 Fifa World Cup so far?
WENGER: South Africa has done a great job and exceeded expectations. The people are so passionate about the game, stadiums are full, the infrastructure is fantastic and the general organisation is marvelous.
APIDI: Let us talk about the World Cup now. How would you describe the team performances starting with France, your home nation?
WENGER: Well, I’m not supposed to talk about the national team because you all know what happened, but I think there was a problem between the manager and the players. This affected the team spirit on and off the pitch.
APIDI: What about England?
WENGER: They had a good manager, but there was no teamwork. The team was not united, with the captaincy changing hands so many times before the World Cup. They also never had a plan B.
APIDI: What do you mean with plan B?
WENGER: It was clearly evident the same team that started went on to play all the matches, apart from just one change in attack. You need to have players for different situations and challenges.
APIDI: Was leaving Theo Walcott out of the squad a mistake?
WENGER: Yes, it was a big mistake. Walcott is a player who can change a game upside down in the second-half in your favour. He has speed and can cause a lot of problems for the opponents.
APIDI: What is your take on the teams still surviving in the tournament and who do you think will win the World Cup?
WENGER: All the remaining teams have been carried by their midfield, not strikers. Germany have a very good midfield of (Mesut) Ozil, Bastian (Schwensteiger) and (Sami) Khedira. Spain have Inniesta (Andreas), Xavi (Alonso) and Cesc Fabregas. Holland have Arjen Robben and (Wesley) Sneidjer, (Mark) van Bomel. The best midfield will win the World Cup.
APIDI: Any good players you have seen in the tournament?
WENGER: Yes, Ozil (Germany) and Giovanni Dos Santos of Mexico.
APIDI: That takes me to your home; Arsenal.
WENGER: Ah yes, I was waiting for that all this time.
APIDI: Are we likely to see the two (Ozil and Dos Santos) at Arsenal?
WENGER: You can only field 11 players at a time, but we will wait and see.
APIDI: Is Cesc Fabregas leaving Arsenal?
WENGER: I do not see him leaving soon.
APIDI: Any players likely to leave?
WENGER: Yes, Gallas (William) could be on his way out but we will still wait and see.
APIDI: Anyone coming in?
WENGER: Yes. Marouane Chamakh is already in and a defender is on the way too. You will know after the World Cup who will be coming.
APIDI: Goalkeeping let you down last season, anybody going or coming?
WENGER: Manuel Almunia Rivero is a talented goalkeeper. In training, he is superb, the only problem is that he gets nervous on big matches, thereby making silly mistakes. After the World Cup, we will be making an announcement on goalkeeping.
APIDI: Are we likely to see an invincible team again bearing in mind that you have gone a couple of seasons without a trophy?
WENGER: This could be the season that we start getting trophies. Another invincible team is seen coming if not this season.
APIDI: Why do you tend to like blacks?
WENGER: I look at quality, not colour.
APIDI: Your take on African teams in the World Cup?
WENGER: There are very good and talented players in Africa. We need to have youth academies because that is the only way to develop the game. Give the youth a chance and have faith in them, remain principled and be patient.
APIDI: What do you make of Ghana’s striker Asamoah Gyan’s missed penalty in their quarter-final match against Uruguay?
WENGER: He had the pressure of the entire African continent on his feet. He needed to be calm and a little patient. I always tell my players to pick their points and hit the ball hard when taking penalties. I would rather the goalkeeper saves but not hitting the crossbar. It means you were accurate and on target.
APIDI: Have you heard of Kenya?
WENGER: Yes. Very good athletes and recently a Kenyan player (McDonald Mariga) was signed by Inter Milan and played in the Champions League.
APIDI: Would you like to come to Kenya?
WENGER: Yes. With my family for holiday.
APIDI: A Kenyan Arsenal fan committed suicide when the team lost to Manchester United. What message would you have for Kenyan Arsenal fans?
WENGER: What? (shocked) My condolences. To Arsenal fans, keep on supporting Arsenal, another invincible team is on the way. And please, do not commit suicide.’
Dear All,
Following reports this morning in a Kenyan newspaper, please see below a clarification note:
Arsenal Football Club would like to clarify that quotes attributed to Arsčne Wenger today (Thursday 8th July 2010) in a Kenyan newspaper are not correct. Arsene Wenger did not grant a one-on-one interview to the newspaper and would kindly ask all media not to attribute any quotes from this source to him.
Kind regards,
Tom Bennett
Communications Department
Arsenal Football Club

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