Yes, Wenger’s wobbling but it’s so crucial fans back Arsenal boss

So here we are, two matches into the Premier League campaign with just 1 point to our name, all the way down in 14th place. The past few weeks haven’t exactly been easy for Arsenal. Going into the new season after not having the best pre season, winning just two games, drawing three and losing one left many of us gooners quite apprehensive of the season ahead. Many fans began to show their frustration with Wenger, when we had arrived at the start of the new season with very few signings.

The Newcastle game showed that not much had changed during the summer break. We were still being wasteful, and despite having 9 chances, none managed to find their way into the back of the net. The Liverpool match showed more of the same, we were trying to push forward, came closer and closer to scoring, yet didn’t. Instead, Liverpool scored twice, both of which turned out to be offside, not forgetting their first was a Ramsey own goal. This dreadful start to the season means that we’ve taken just 12 points in the last 12 Premier league games.

We’ve had many players leave the club, and Wenger still isn’t showing much inclination to sign new players as replacements. Clichy’s departure meant that we were cutting it finely with the defenders available seeing as so many of them seem injury prone. Not forgetting that Cesc Fabregas left the club after 8 years to finally return to Barcelona, and Nasri left on Tuesday for Man City.

These players were hugely influential, and there’s no doubt we need to replace them. With nearly 60million just from these two players alone, surely Wenger should be looking to buy some decent players? Oh wait, we’ve still got to qualify for the Champions League, and Wenger would like to focus on that before he makes any more signings.

But, if we don’t qualify Wednesday night, can you honestly see top players wanting to come to us? Frankly, I wouldn’t blame them for not wanting to. Wenger is great at scouting teenagers from all over the world with a lot of potential, and for the future of the club; that’s great news.

We’ve also got a great youth academy where the likes of Jack Wilshere has come through. However great as it is having all of this new talent waiting to show to everyone what they can do, but, is that helping our current problems at the club? No. We need someone with experience, someone who can pick up the pieces when we go a goal down, someone that will help us get a goal back. Vermaelen on Saturday showed some of what we need in the team.

Frimpong has an incredible amount of passion for the club, and if he hadn’t got sent off on Saturday, I think he would have been the player that would of tried to make us go forward and push for the goals that we deserved. I don’t think Wenger should resign. It wouldn’t take the club forward, it would make us go anywhere but. At this particular moment in time, we need the board to show solidarity to the boss, supporting him in his role, and we’re not going to be able to advance without him.

I can fully understand everyone’s frustration with the length of time that it’s taking to finally sign players, but we do need to support Arsene. I think that Arsenal do need to address the issues that we obviously have, and a great way to show that we’re ready to get over this would be to sign Hazard, Jagielka, and Mertesacker. Also, when our current injured and suspended players finally return, maybe, hopefully, we might just might be okay.

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