What Is More Important To Fans? Traditions or Trophies?

So like it or not – yesterday’s public announcement by Dein made on the same day as the European draw was a master stoke in ensuring that all Arsenal fans would be fully aware of his sale of shares/ his new appointment as chairman of Red and White Holdings. Do you think that Wenger would have been surprised at the announcement – no chance – as you can be sure that Dein would have already told him in private of his intentions.
Recently,Wenger admitted that he was close to sorting out an extension to his contract and had also stated that he still missed his day by day involvement with Dein at the club. Managing Director Keith Edelman believes the sale of David Deinâs shares and the establishment of the Red and White group will have little impact on the future of Arsenal Football Club. It was announced on Thursday that the former vice-chairman 14.58 per cent stakeholding had been bought by a company jointly-owned by two businessmen, Alisher Usmanov and Farhad Moshiri. It is called the Red and White group and would be chaired by Mr Dein. The move has re-ignited speculation about a possible takeover. But Mr Edelman believes the financial strength of the club and the dedication of the board means it will be â business as usual for the forseeable future. We are in a very good financial position. That will be demonstrated at the end of the month [September].
I don’t think it changes the club very much in terms of its progress and its future. Our attitude is business as usual. We have to look at where we are currently. We are in a good position. We are in good financial health and the club is run by a board of directors who love the club. The Bracewell-Smith and Hill-Wood families go back generations. While Danny [Fiszman] is a huge fan of the club as well as being a big shareholder. I just see this as a shareholding moving from one party to another.So speculation about the movement of Arsenal’s shares will continue right through this season until April next year when the so-called gentleman’s agreement between Danny Fiszman and the other major shareholders (other than Kroenke) comes to an end. Then I think the selling of shares may depend on what success Arsenal have had in the 2007/8 season – will we finish in a top 4 spot or will there be any new trophies in the cabinet!
Funny enough, Wenger announced on a tv interview last week that he wants Arsenal to be the top and best club in the world – these words were echoed by Dein in his announcement yesterday! Just a coincidence? Arsenal fans now seem to be divided between those who do not want the club to be sold to any billionaire at any price, regardless of their nationality, and wish the club to retain their core values, traditions, etc and, on the other hand, there are those fans like myself who want a lot more success for the club like trophies (particularly the Champions League cup – which is the only trophy we have never won and it sticks in my throat to think that crap teams like Nottingham Forest and Aston Villa have both won this competition even if it was a lot easier in the past!) and also to be considered the best club in the world! This debate between Arsenal fans will go on and on through this season via websites and fanzines but ,speaking personally, I feel that this club has already changed dramatically from the one which was situated in the old stadium and was part of the old league division one! The Premiership has changed the whole nature of top level football in this country which has now attracted worldwide attention over and above all the other European leagues and has made it the richest football league in the world.
The first major change to ownership in the Premiership was when Ambrovitch bought Chelsea outright and subsequently, due to huge money transfers with which the other clubs could not compete, brought them their first league championship for 50 years!

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