Wheeler-dealer Harry: I’m no wheeler-dealer


Will Mark Schwarzer eventually sign for the Arsenal today from Fulham as the deadline door shuts and a summer of transfer speculation comes to a close?

Only for the speculation to begin again instantly ahead of the January window, of course. Indeed, does AW have any secret deals up his sleeve that will come to fruition?

Also, less importantly, is Harry Redknapp a wheeler-dealer or not? Seems as if the old wheeler-dealer might be wheeling and dealing again today as he looks to bring in Adebayor from Manchester City. That’s according to this morning’s Mirror anyway. Surely not! Anyhow, just make sure you don’t upset the wheeler-dealer by lazily labelling him a, er, wheeler-dealer. Do you think the miserable defeat to lowly Wigan got up the wheeler-dealer’s crumpled nose? Del Boy he ain’t, got it!

Meanwhile, RVP’s ankle injury looks set to keep him out for up to a month which could be worse when you take into consideration the international break and the home games against Bolton and Braga, which we would like to think are ‘winnable’ without the Dutchie.

Elsewhere, it looks like Armand Traore will seal a deal to Juve today and our former central defender Mik Silvestre has signed for Werder Bremen. I know he was never fully taken into our hearts but he was always professional and seemed to do his best and I for one would like to wish him luck.

So, keep an eye on arsenalinsider.com throughout the day and we’ll bring you transfer news if indeed there is any.



10 Comments on "Wheeler-dealer Harry: I’m no wheeler-dealer"

  1. i am not a wheeler dealer hahahahaha fuck off hahahhaha

  2. he’s such a c**k ! who’d want a clown like that running your team. Honk Honk!

  3. Nice post; good luck to Silvestre, Wenger definately bought him past his prime as he was a very established defender but still did his best.

  4. Hahahahah top picture, truly says a thousand words!
    hahah What a tool!

  5. Good pic Suhel.

    As for RVP. Sell him. His injuries cost us points last season and it’s going to do the same this season.

  6. Harry is a mug. He is getting on my tits with all these players ‘they could have signed’. Add Fabiano and Huntelaar to the list now. Am sure the conversation went something like this:

    Redknapp: Yeah hi Klaas, I was just ringing to say I would like you to come to join me at Spurs.

    Huntelaar: F*ck off you wheeler dealing wan*er. I have no interest in signing for your sh*t outfit. Would rather sign for Shalke for half the money. Now jog on.

    Later that day on Sky Redknapp says:

    We were interested in Huntelaar, but he went to Shalke for the money. Trying to sign this calibre of player shows where this club is looking to go.

    You can change the Huntelaar for Fabiano and the conversation wouldn’t be much different. He would rather stay at Seville and play Europa league.

  7. I never liked Silvestre but after watching some interviews its seems that he was a big professional and everybody respect him in the dressing room, so I wish him well.

    And Traore is only loan??? I really hope so because imagine to have next year Traore with experience in a big team of Italy, it will be fantastic.

  8. Appaprently, Sylvestre is going to have the name ‘Potato Head’ on his shirt.

  9. Traore will not be better next year because the Italian league is like playing in Coca cola Championship with bribed refs. So, he will come back either worse defender or demoralised by racist abuses from fans.

  10. Now, I’m not a big fan of Harry, but I have to admit I rate him higher than Wenger who sleeps with kids.

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