Why Arsenal can still flourish under Wenger

I feel I have a responsibility to be completely truthful here. Last season was tough, really tough but as with everything in life, it is now consigned to history, done and dusted and yes whilst it is still fresh in the mind, our boys have this remarkable opportunity once again to embrace the uphill challenge of competing for the title, competing in Europe’s most prestigious competition and defying the critics with dazzling displays of quite awesome football. We have to be positive and face this adversity head on otherwise we have nothing to aim for.

It was very difficult to watch our talented team dropping away from the title race last season faster than a Walcott sprint and then finishing in such a lackluster manner as I have heard said of Bendtner’s shooting on many occasions. But I can’t believe for one second that we have already forgotten that we displayed so much promise throughout the entire season pressing our title challengers right up to the final few fixtures and essentially with a young team that was retaining the prominent stylish movement and skill that the rest of the world simply lust after week in week out and the fans adore.

It is easy for us to get on the back of the manager and scrutinize the squad for every single bad performance but the faithful should remember that we are the Arsenal, a club laden with exciting and entertaining history and unbelievable records that have put this remarkable club where it is today with a 60,000 capacity stadium, world class players and Arsene Wenger, one of the best managers in the last 20 years! Plus there are not many clubs that can say they are still in the Premier league competing for a top four finish every season and playing top-level football.

So is this our season, yes it undeniably is in my opinion! This generation of players has a huge opportunity to show the rest of the league that we are not to be underestimated. We have a great depth of ability amongst our young squad and merged with the ever-increasing experience and confidence we should be looking to now turning these qualities into solid performances. Frimpong is a fantastic example of a player rising to the challenge, quickly establishing himself in the first team. A few minor disciplinaries to one side, Frimpong may just be what we need to put the energy; strength and enthusiasm back into our defensive midfield set up and drive the team forward.

It is no great secret that we cannot compete financially in the transfer market so to attract new full back or midfield maestro that is mentioned so often, we simply need to use our current resources and put in outstanding performances to attract the talent. Although since when did price tags suggest capability anyway? How much was Cesc all those years ago?

The transfer window is still open, we have only played two games in the league and there is a long way to go so personally I would stand up, show some support and enjoy what potentially could just be our season!

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