Why there should be no Paddy reunion at Arsenal

With another round of International world cup qualifiers and friendlies taking place, we gooners have to find a way to pass the weekend without our beloved team in action. With Arsenal scoring goals for fun from all positions of the pitch, the International break has come at a wrong time for the team. Confidence and momentum plays an important role in the performance of the team given our attacking style of play, so hopefully we do not lose any of that momentum once our players return from International duty.
I would like to deal with an issue which is making news regarding our team and that is the possible return of our former captain Patrick Vieira. Vieira was linked to us in the summer but nobody took it seriously, given Arsene Wenger‘s reluctance to re- sign any of his ex players. But with the Fifa World Cup due to be held next year and Vieira not in the French squad, it is believed he is open to a return to Arsenal in order to get more playing time and try to force himself into the French squad.
Obviously many gunners are excited about the possibility of PV04 returning to the club and helping the team, using his experience and passion to lift a trophy at the end of the season. Of course this is an exciting prospectus and would be a fairytale for him and the club if this is achieved. Let us think rationally about the consequences if Paddy were to arrive. Vieira is being looked upon as a replacement for Alex Song who will be unavailable for six weeks during January when he leaves for the African Cup of Nations with Cameroon. We have to realise that Vieira is not the player he once was when he played with us and that is why he hardly finds himself starting a match for Inter Milan.
When Thierry Henry left Arsenal in the summer of 2007 and the team was written off from finishing in the top 4 of the league, the team responded with a flying start to the season. Cesc Fabregas later revealed that due to Henry‘s strong influence in the team there was pressure on the rest of the team to give him the ball and thus they used to make passes to him even when he was not in a good position. Fabregas revealed that Henry‘s departure had lifted a burden off the team and given them more freedom to play their football. If Vieira arrives in North London it is obvious that he is going to have an influence over the players in the same way Henry did, if not stronger which can disrupt the team‘s football. With the average of the team only at 23 it is obvious he will have an intimating influence over the younger players.
If Vieira does return to Arsenal he is going to be looking at getting as much time on the pitch as possible in order to get a chance at playing at the World Cup. Let us assume that Arsenal is flying high at the top of the table at the time of Patrick‘s arrival, I don‘t think Wenger will want to change a winning team just to accommodate him in the team. This could lead to Vieira experiencing frustration at not being able to play and he could affect the team spirit in the team.
If Wenger‘s is looking for a backup to Song he just has to look at the other half at Milan and another of his former players in Mathieu Flamini. Flamini left Arsenal on a free transfer and was on the verge on making it to the French squad due to his brilliant performances with Arsenal. Since moving to Milan he has seen himself regress as a player and is not even considered good enough for a start for the Rossoneri. Wenger should at least try to bring Flamini on a January loan. We know that Flamini still holds Arsenal in high regard and he may not be opposed to such a move. Flamini plays with a lot of heart and determination and has played with the same team before so he will not take time to blend in with the Arsenal style of play. The energy and determination with which Flamini plays can motivate the other players to raise their standard of performance. The Flam-ster could be a real coup.
Enjoy the International break Insiders and let‘s hope all of our players return to the club unscathed and continue playing “The Arsenal Way”.

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