Why we should be worried about Wenger at Arsenal

The question we all have to ask our self is “is Arsenal in crisis? In my honest opinion Arsene Wenger is delusional, he cannot see the obvious occurring at our club or can he? Does he not want to state the obvious…?
Firstly with comments suggesting Cesc Fabregas is staying at arsenal and is happy at the club to 24 hours later being confirmed as a Barcelona player, there was no reason to state such a comment in an interview, this lead to allot of fans loosing faith and belief in out club.
We all know the current situation with the wage structure and the budget he has set on spending on new players but the problem is Arsenal does not appeal to world class player, The club has turned a new leaf and is now in a real crisis, Wenger does not want the fans to turn against him so he has to hide behind he’s own words in interviews to try and convince us that we are financially in a very good position and that injuries and suspensions are the current fault in our failure.
After our lost to Liverpool over the weekend Arsene Wenger claimed we played very well until the sending off, and with 8 Players out before the match there was nothing to worry about because they will be back and everything will be ok? In these 8 players which he has stated it is very hard to believe that Squilachi, Almunia, Traore will make a difference?
We have to rely on youth Prospects being brought in for too much money to do a job for us in the current seasons, and the only attraction for them is playing football. Can we honestly see Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain , Joel Campbell and Ryo Miyaichi winning us silverware this season single-handedly ? I doubt it , we could possibly reach another Carling Cup final and lose.
Losing out on players in the past was a sign of things to come, Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal board have not been able to convince players such as Patrick Vieira, Gilberto Silva, Thierry Henry, Cesc Fabregas and Gael Clichy to stay at the club because of either Players wanting to leave for more Money , losing attraction to the Arsenal way or Wenger’s policy of not willing to give more then 1 year contracts to over 30-year-olds.
The situation with no trophies won in 6 Seasons is a massive turn off for players with ambition and the will to win to come to us , also a massive negative turn off for players at the club at their peak wanting to win winners medals, for example I cannot see our current captain Robin Van Persie – who has now hit his peak – wanting to stay with Arsenal at then end of this season if no trophies have been won, and a temptation of Real Madrid being enough for him to leave next summer .
I can see this season peaking at one point with the odd wins here and there but I can also see this season with silly defeats by losing out to lower opposition and rival teams which will only anger the fans and players involved at AFC.
To finish off my piece I would like to end with a motto which could help Arsene Wenger and Arsenal Fc out:
£Money + big name players = Team spirit which = Great Performances = Trophies = Happy Fans
Sort it out Arsene….

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