Will Arsene Work His Magic Once More?


It feels quite like the same event happens year in year out for every Gooner around the globe. Each season comes with fresh hope as we are excited to see the club’s new signings take to the home turf. Or is it the belief we have of winning the Premier League?

A typical Arsenal season in recent years has seen us start the league in a formidable manner that leaves Gooners daydreaming it’s the season we finally get to see the team lift the trophy we haven’t won in well over a decade. The team looks to get stronger as each game comes by until November comes when a vital member of the squad is out injured – and is expected to return in 2 months time. Thus the team becomes unbalanced and don’t get the result they’d want.

The end of March is somewhat seen as a turning point in the season for Arsenal in recent times. It’s the point where the team becomes formidable again and players make up for their mistakes as the season draws to a near end. The aftermath of the team’s resurrection in this time would see them sneak into top 4 in the league standing – finishing above North London rivals Tottenham.

The last couple of months has left Arsenal in a divided state, with fans frustration growing day by day with the Board members and Arsene Wenger respectively – as fans protest in increasing numbers for the sacking of the Frenchman.

Ever since the back-to-back humiliating 5-1 defeat suffered at the hands of Bayern Munich, fans have been rolling out in numbers to sound their frustration – either outside the Emirates or planes flying around with two-sided messages. That defeat left fans chanting “You’re killing our club, you’re killing our club, Arsene Wenger you’re killing our club” outside the Emirates.

With the current campaign drawing to an end, as teams battle relegation in the league, while others battle qualifying for Europe’s elite competition, it’d be interesting to see what trick the Arsenal manager has up his sleeves.

The first of the remaining games left in the season was played on Sunday against Manchester City at the Emirates, as there were no signs of cohesion amongst teammates and backroom staff; though the team’s effort shouldn’t go unnoticed as they came back twice to end the game with a 2-2 draw.

Next up in the fixture list is West Ham, as the Gunners welcome their London rival to the Emirates. This is a must win game for Arsene and his team as they lock horns with other teams (Tottenham, Manchester City, Liverpool & Manchester United) over qualification for Europe’s elite club competition.

Will Wenger be able to pull off an array of fine results from his team or will it be the final straw from the Frenchman? I guess only time will tell.