Winning Is Everything, Just Ask Sexual Sol

I had been to visit my uncle in hospital on Friday, and lying opposite him was an elderly Indian gent wearing a scruffy Arsenal bobble hat. Speaking to another patient he told me about the things he misses most, like a cup of tea and sitting down with the television. I’m sure the old Gooner would have said the same about Arsenal. For a moment then yesterday, just to be able to watch the red and white play against Wolves was a blessing, right up until Super Nicklas Bendtner headed home and Sol Campbell couldn’t resist a quick dry-hump.
My contentedness to merely be watching Arsenal was blown away, and winning it seemed was everything. Arsenal had played casually throughout most of the game, failing to concentrate fully it seemed when good chances cropped up. Theo Walcott looked dangerous but rarely picked out his man, the finishing wasn’t cut-throat enough, and as Wenger pointed out the team appeared jaded.
As I say though winning is everything. When your team leave it until the last minute as was the case yesterday, only then does it become clear that how they played is completely irrelevant. All that matters is getting three points by whatever means and with whichever team Arsene Wegner fields. Personally I couldn’t give a crepe how the job gets done because I want the league to end up in North London this summer.
And i there a better sight in football than an Wegner jig? It’s at times like late on yesterday when you have to admire Pat Rice too. The man never says a word, never has a criticism about the team and goes about his job as a true pro. To see our worldly leaders embrace like two little school girls having won first prize in the talent show was enough to make me shudder. Watching Campbell have a full body seizure of utter passion was almost enough to make me cry.
The only man weeping it turned out would be Mick McCarthy, yet another imbecile who failed to see the fault in his own teams lack of tackling ability, and made it seem as if it is Arsenal’s blunder that all these red cards keep happening. The rodent-faced Wolves manager claimed Karl Henry won the ball but the evidence of Tom Rosicky’s bleeding leg said otherwise. And I thought it was Wenger who never sees anything?
I had caught an Arsenal versus Nottingham Forest game from 1977 on ESPN classics late one night during the week. Kenny Burns was in great form for Brian Clough’s team, head-butting Arsenal players from behind and taking chunks out of Liam Brady’s knee. Astonishingly the wispy haired Scot managed to finish the game with just a yellow card which obviously wasn’t the case for Henry.
The disadvantage didn’t make much of a difference. Arsenal were comfortable at the back and it was a matter of showing conviction when the chance came. Dropping the ball back to Bacary Sagna was the best decision making Walcott made all game. The Frenchman sent the ball into a nice area and Bendtner was unforgiving. Checking the stats, that was the 25th time Arsenal have scored in the last 10 minutes this season, ten of which have come in time added on. Make of that what you will.
Hopefully the team do improve for the tie with Spurs next Wednesday. It’s not to say that we shouldn’t aim to play good football, but the point is that right now I’d happily see us win, even if it meant somebody threw a Gooner fanzine magazine at the referee and while his vision was distorted for a spilt second Mikael Silvestre bundled the ball in with his hand. Talking of Silvestre, did anybody else have visions of Thierry Henry when he span his marker and drove for goal? Now I’ve seen it all.
One man who wouldn’t have seen it was the old Indian Gooner fan resting up in hospital. I felt like I’d been punched in the stomach when I was realised I wouldn’t be going to Barcelona after fishing out the remains of my passport from the washing machine. Still, just being able to watch Arsenal is a blessing as I’ve now come to realise, so there is some sanction knowing I will be in north London with my Arsenal family on Tuesday night and not stuck in a ward waiting to hear the result. One better would be beating Barcelona, because, WINNING IS EVERTHING! Just ask Sol.

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