You can tell that we have them worried…

I hate the tabloid media with a passion, perhaps almost as much as I hate Man Utd. Take the crocodile tears shed over the recent  death of Bobby Robson. The very same tabloids who in 1988 following Englands draw with Saudi Arabia declared that he was a “plonker” (The Sun) and the Daily Mirror roared “In the name of Allah, go” People get the tabloids they deserve, they also know how to wind up Gooners. It only takes one rumour, one headline and next thing you know, Gooners are queuing up to proclaim the end of the modern world.
So get a grip FFS!, the AC Milan bid for Fabregas is a pile of steaming excrement. Galliano thinks that we are so strapped for cash, that we will sell our skipper to them for a “reasonable bid”. Get lost you fool! is my response. I hope that Arsene Wenger has the guts to come out and state that Cesc is not for sale at any price. Anything less is to enable doubts to creep into the Gooner consciousness. So moving on, what are we to make of the Chamakh farce? I agree with Arsene Wenger, Chamakh is not worth more than £ 6 million, so will someone at the club just pull out some wedge and buy Huntelaar? Have we learned nothing from the Arshavin purchase?
The transfer of a single world class player into our team has demonstrated why we need to strengthen. We still need our defensive midfielder and a centre back if we are really serious in our title ambitions, and I am beginning to believe the theory that Arsenal will not conduct any major business until their Champions League status is assured. So after the 18/9 of August, if the tie is in the balance, don’t expect any moves until after the conclusion of the second leg a week later. Which all goes to show why Galliano of AC Milan is taking the piss. Just about everyone has written us off. They are tipping Man Utd and Chelsea to win the title.
So in my view, when tabloid journos have nothing better to do than rehash rumour and speculation of another “Crisis at Arsenal” as truth, you can tell that we them worried. Alex Ferguson even came out recently stating that he felt sorry for Arsene Wenger’s lack of ability to buy players through lack of funds. That helps! It means that any greedy agent is going to realise that it is not worth trying to extract the last half million out of Gazidis, as we not going to waste our money. It also helps focus the minds of the player with the excessive wage demands. If you want 150K  a week, then look elsewhere. Equally though, if we are going to win the title soon, then this season might represent our easiest opportunity, with the other rivals suffering for a change.
I hope that there is an expectation developing at the Emirates borne not out of frustration, but based upon the fact that the squad for once has been kept together. The very same players who went largely unbeaten from January onwards apart from against Man U in the Champions League and Chelsea at home and in the FA semi-final are still here. I have said this before, losing Ade-ego-bayor to Man City will actually strengthen us. I expect consistency providing we replace the players that have left. I expect at least two more signing before the end of this window, and the departure of two more players, but sorry to disappoint you tabloid hacks, Cesc won’t be one of them.

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