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There we were, 4-2 up with one and a half minutes to play. It doesn’t get any better than this we thought as fans.
One – nil and you f*cked it up we sang.
But we forgot, Arsene Wenger has suddenly become the latter day Ranieri!
Tinker Tinker Tinker…
If it aint broke then why fix it? The signs were already there that the Scum were not going to roll over. They had PRIDE, We had complacent over confidence.
With five minutes to go, we needed leadership and concentration on the field.
Instead of playing possession football, we gave away the ball.
Almunia had a shocker, but why be surprised? I said earlier this season that he was just one game away from a nightmare, but why have it against Tottenham? But it would be very unfair to place all the blame on Almunia, he is not a top class Keeper, he does his best.
Why pull off Theo Walcott, and Robin van Persie? They were causing the scum problems and pushing them back.
Eboue’s introduction just allowed them to play higher up the field.
Is the next game against Stoke City such a big deal?
Wenger’s favoured untouchable players have let him down again!
What do we do?
Well we could get rid of William Gallas for a start… and what about Adebayor?
Do we have main striker in Adebayor, or is it just me? was he was lazy last night?
We need a leader on the field, as Gallas has come up short. I supported him after Eduardo’s injury, now he seems lost. He didn’t react quickly enough at the end where as Aaron Lennon did. He needed to get the players to focus. That is all a captain is there for. Gallas failed… again.
But am I being too harsh?
Let’s consider the positives!
In our current form we  will not win the Premiership this season, because as I had said after the end of the transfer window, we go into this campaign with a weaker squad.
A weaker Goal keeper,
No decent youthful tall centre back
No main striker who will turn the game around when inspiration is needed
No decent regular defensive midfielder
But now it is too late, we cannot buy all what is needed in January.
The Chairman said that anyone we buy must be better than what we already possess, and Arsene Wenger hasn’t found anyone yet.
Well my advice is to get the fans to send you suggestions. Here are mine
GK- Jaaskaleinen
CB – Stuart Taylor of the Magpies ?Senderos
Striker – Carlos Vela
DM – Yaya Toure
Hey but lets look on the bright side. We still have just under 30 games left. We could win the next 20 games and voila…
What do we have left to play for?
Our Pride
The FA Cup
The Champions league
The Top Four.
It is only two points dropped, and this is a marathon not a sprint, but with ManU, Liverpool and Chelsea to come in the next six weeks, we can still salvage something out of this mess. because despite having a weaker squad, we have enough quality players to win something this year, if Arsene chooses to play them.
So we have what it takes, but some of our highly paid untouchable stars don’t give it for ninety minutes, and those that want to, are taken off.
Sorry, but I don’t write this blog to be popular, and I’ll know that you will attack me for being forthright. But the Club that I love is being made to look stupid, and I want someone to end this lunacy.
Humiliation is a sorry enough situation, but twice against the scum is an insult to the fans. These fans cheered and sang for 90 minutes in response to mild rebukes from Arsene Wenger and Adebayor. But you tell me, last night who were the idiots?
Not the fans in my opinion…
Fabregas the King.

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