Will you bet on Arsenal winning against Sporting CP?

Europa League Preview

Given Arsenal’s form in recent matches, are you willing to risk your money that they emerge as winners when they meet up with Sporting CP? After all, they did defeat this Portuguese side the last time they met in the Europa League. AND it was the first time in six tries that Arsenal has won a match in Portugal. That’s a string of positives, right?

Of course, you’d want Arsenal to win. They deserve to win. The club finally came to their senses by changing their manager after more than two decades. That was followed by a few player exits and a couple of arrivals – the basic story of every football club.

This season is a new one for Arsenal and despite the laughs thrown at them for playing in the Europa League for the second year running, the new manager and the players seem dedicated to do their best.

Will they emerge as victors though? That remains to be seen.

The scene so far

The Europa League is still at the group stages. Both Arsenal and Sporting CP have three games left to play, including their upcoming meeting. They have also both played three matches, with Sporting’s only loss so far coming at the hands of Arsenal.

In terms of group stage health, Arsenal looks to be in good shape. They have only allowed two goals, same as Sporting, but have scored twice more (eight to four).

Adding to Arsenal’s advantage in the upcoming match is that it will be played at the Emirates. Nothing quite beats home crowd support, right? The Gunners can surely bank on the supporters for a fantastic atmosphere, but they also have to do their part.

Knowing they beat Sporting CP on Portuguese soil should boost their confidence. Plus, new manager Unai Emery knows what it takes to win the Europa League: he won it three times in a row as manager of Spanish club Sevilla.

However, is that a guarantee that they would succeed?

The last time Arsenal was in the Europa League, they made it to the semifinals. They lost to Atletico Madrid, who eventually became champions. Now that this is their second rodeo, it would be nice if they match the previous results or outdo it.

Arsenal, Europa League Champions. That has got quite a nice ring to it, right?

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There’s a good chance Arsenal win the game. They are coming off a high, even though it was just a draw against Liverpool. Then again, that opponent was a member of the Big Six; the first two attempts against Big Six clubs were losses.

So there’s a lot of positives coming into the Sporting CP match. Let’s just hope the boys deliver, especially since the game will be played at home.

The opponent

Facing Arsenal is the Portuguese club Sporting CP. They managed to place third in the top flight of Portuguese football during the 2017-2018 season. This year, they currently sit third after nine games (six wins, one draw, and two losses).

Sporting is also feeling positive coming into this match with Arsenal. They won their last two matches, one was a home game and the other was an away game.

Arsenal, on the other hand, has ended their winning streak. The last two matches saw the Gunners draw with their opponents, first against Crystal Palace then against Liverpool.

But the impact of having drawn with a Top Six side shouldn’t be discounted. The Gunners definitely believe they can do this, and making it out with a win is one step towards getting a trophy at the end of this football season.

Arsenal has a good squad, with different players scoring for them in this Europa League campaign. In the Liverpool match, Emery was able to introduce players into his lineup who made a difference and got that much needed equalizer.

Here’s to hoping the team brings in the same intensity against Liverpool into their match versus Sporting CP.

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