Arsenal icon Arsene Wenger has revealed the real reason why he hasn’t returned to the Emirates following his departure in 2018.

The legendary Frenchman is our greatest-ever manager. He’s the biggest reason why Arsenal are such a big club today, but he has been very hesitant about a return to the Emirates over the last four years.

Wenger has finally explained why.

Why Wenger hasn't returned to Arsenal
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Arsene Wenger shares real reason why he hasn’t returned to Arsenal

Even though Wenger is our most successful manager in history, his final few years at Arsenal attracted a lot of criticism – mainly from a small-yet-very-loud minority of our fan base.


It was decided in 2018 that the legendary Frenchman’s time as our manager would come to an end, and Wenger received a tremendous farewell at the Emirates on his final day with us.

It has been nearly four-and-a-half years since that day, and he hasn’t come back once – despite Mikel Arteta’s plea last season. He has now revealed the reason.

Wenger told The Sun: “I haven’t been there since 2018. After 22 years as manager, maybe I arrived at the end of the road and people wanted a change. The club had chosen a different direction and I can understand that completely.

“Sometimes you need to have a completely new staff and my presence there could have been a problem. So I stayed away completely to give the club the chance to rebuild a new connection with a new manager.

“That’s why I never talked about Arsenal and never came back to the Emirates because I didn’t want to be a presence that is maybe not good for the club. But I still feel that my life is definitely linked with Arsenal so now I support them from my TV.”

Why Wenger hasn't returned to Arsenal
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Everybody knew Wenger would stay away from Arsenal for a while after his departure in 2018, but nobody really expected that time to be over four years. It really is sad that the legendary Frenchman hasn’t come back to the place he helped build.

It’s been long enough now, and Wenger should seriously consider returning – even if it’s just as a fan.

Arteta was absolutely spot on when he said last year that “the players will love him, they will benefit, they will be inspired to have him around.”

Hopefully, Arsenal can find a way to convince Wenger to come back.

Why Wenger hasn't returned to Arsenal
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