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Photo by Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

'I'm speaking for myself': Arsenal's Arteta explains why he still 'really' respects the Kroenkes

Photo by Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta faced the fire of the media this morning after the collapse of the European Super League.

The Spaniard was not at all involved in the discussions, but he had to face the music today. However, Arteta’s answers in his press conference were absolutely outstanding, especially the part where he wasn’t afraid to call Arsenal’s involvement in the competition – ‘a mistake’.

Stan Kroenke is under a lot of pressure from the fans to get out of our club. He is enemy number one to Arsenal supporters at the moment, but Arteta has claimed that he really has to respect the fact that our owners owned up to their mistakes and apologised to the fans.

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Arteta said, as per “Starting from Vinai, the ownership and everybody that is involved in the process (has apologised).

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All of them, with the right intentions to defend the club and put the club in the best possible position for now and for the future, but accepting that the way it’s been handled has had terrible consequences and that it was a mistake.

“I really have to respect that when people have genuine intentions to do the best for this football club. But if it doesn’t happen or not the right thing to do, they can stand up here and apologise.

“I’m speaking for myself and I think the players, staff, everybody working at the club, we have to accept that and move on. The way it’s been handled has been really good internally.”

The Insider’s View:

Arsenal were the only club in England to apologise to the fans on the day when all the Premier League sides withdrew from the competition. Kroenke and co apologising to Arteta and the players is a good touch too, but the damage has been done.

Photo by Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

Getting Arsenal involved, even if it was because we were afraid of being left behind, was a terrible decision. It made financial sense for Kroenke, but it spat on the basic principles of the sport, and fans were never going to accept that.

Kroenke is still under fire at Arsenal, but maybe, just maybe, things will change later today.

Silent Stan’s son, Josh, is scheduled to speak to Gooners in the fans’ forum later today. If he can convince the supporters to move on from what has happened this week, things could calm down. However, that’s extremely unlikely.

Photo by Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images
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