A squeaky weekend and the mystification in Midfield

What a weekend eh….? Tottensham get Rednapp, and get shot of everyone in the coaching/back room staff…. They instantly win 2-0. The Scousers beat the Russians through a flukey goal and the Scouse mentality of parking a bus in front of the goal..and us Gooners (amongst the chuckling about the Spuds) have one of the squeakiest bum games since since…… what am I talking about? Half the bloody games so far spent in a similarly clenched fashion….
We all sit there – on the edge of the sofa (either in reality or in a mental state at the game or in the pub etc) waiting for it all to go wrong instead of being confident of whipping a team that’s performing so averagely that they’ve lost to a real mixed bag of teams and have form even more sketchy then our own. Why have we gone from being pretty stable last year to being Rockier then all six of the Balboa based flicks back to back? Put quite simply last year we had a player take advantage of the situation and stake a permanent place in the team, that player being Flamini at the expense of a World Cup tired Gilberto. This year a similar hole has opened up – yes, yes Pleb left, but in Nasri we have a far superior player in my opinion and I don’t think we miss him a teensy bit – I know I don’t….I don’t go hoarse shouting “SHOOOOOT!” at the screen whenever the Plebster got the ball in a decent position in the box.
This post isn’t about that – it’s about the ongoing experiment that’s ongoing in the midfield. By this time last year Flamini had unquestionably staked his claim and was really the underpinning of all that was good about the team. He was a Jack Russell running everywhere with boundless enthusiasm – and as of Oct last year the back room at Arsenal should have made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.
Now don’t get me wrong I’m not an advocate of destroying the wage structure over a single player, but just think: Had that been Cesc….. you KNOW a rather large Group 4 truck would have been parked outside his house with a 892 year contract. But because this was Flamini, and he hadn’t had the sparkling career that Cesc has had, he didn’t get offered enough to make him stay. Yes, him being half Italian may have had something to do with it and no, if you look at Flamini as a player he’s not a 20 mill plus buy. However, his value in OUR side was far greater in my opinion then at Milan where he’s warming his backside on the bench again more often then not.
We now have a three way until at least January: Denilson who has no doubt upped his game with regards to his tackling this season, but is still not razor sharp, Song who is good defensively but – well I can’t quite put my finger on it, but he just doesn’t look like he gives it his ALL in every game and last but not least Diaby – who is as fragile as Rosicknote, but has shades of greatness around him mixed in with a slight arrogance and in a similar manner to Song, you just don’t feel he gives it 100% on every ball.
So the obvious point to make here is we need a solid CDM in the Viera sense of the words, but until January, we have to make do. So with this being the case I wondered what you fellow Gooners thought – lets hear who of the three you’d pick if you were Le-Prof and why – keep it short though:
1)       Denilson
2)       Song
3)       Diaby

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