Alexander The Great

I must put my hands up and admit that when things were not going well I was always the first to point my finger at Hleb and point out how useless he was. Now I feel I must admit my mistake and give credit to this guy who really has stepped up this season when we needed it.
Last night was just another example; every play seemed to go through Hleb and everytime Arsenal needed to find space, they gave the ball to him. It didn’t matter how many players were around him, Hleb just took them out. Hleb was involved in 5 of the 7 goals last night. I am pleased for Theo and its not surprising that the media choose to make a song and dance about his goals but for me there was no contest as to who was man of the match. All we need is a song for Alexandr; any ideas?
Speaking of Theo, I am glad he finally got a couple of goals. I felt he really needed one like his first last night. Its important not to forget that this kid is not only still very young but he also missed the end of last season with injury and had surgery. With RVP out for a considerable number of weeks, we really need someone like Theo to shine and while I hope he does get a few more starts, we really shouldn’t expect too much from him too soon. He needs to build on last night’s performance slowly.
That’s it for now, let’s enjoy the 7-0 for a few days and hopefully another 3 points on Sunday. Personally, I’d be happy with 1-0 to the Arsenal.

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