Currently the best Arsenal team performance this season bar none!

Tonight I witnessed the best all round performance by an Arsenal team this season bar none! In fact anyone who still wants Arsene Wenger to leave the club after this display of almost total football by a reserve side with the average age of 19 years old, should be stripped naked, their hair shaved off and they should be plunged into a vat of maturing cow excrement followed by the rapid strapping into a camel hair strait jacket prior to be ferried off to an asylum for the criminally insane, where they will be tortured by having to watch the thirty false dawns of Tottenham football club. Ok well perhaps an over reaction but you will soon see what I mean.
I asked myself how could this raw team of exuberant youth could have demolished the strongest Wigan team bar the absence of Emile Heskey so comprehensively? The answer is the youth element. These are grade A students who are passionately obedient to their master, and they carry out his bidding with ruthless efficiency. The Wenger doctrine demands
1. High quality close ball control
2. Non selfish running into space for your team mates
3. Precision weighted first touch passing moves.
4. To be able to break the under 19yr 100m sprint record whilst dribbling  a ball at your feet.
I am so so proud tonight, that my chest is fit to burst, I have simply run out of superlatives to describe what I saw. Ramsey, Randall and Jack Wilshere aided by Fran Merida and marauding runs by Keiran Gibbs harassed and dominated the midfield.
Now, Success begins at the back and it was clear that the assuredness in midfield originated from a sense of confidence in the rock solid defence provided by Alex Song and Johan Djourou. I expressed a desire in my pre match review that these two players must give a performance that allows Arsene Wenger the option of another centre back pairing to allow the likes of Gallas, Silvestre and Toure to rest during the fixture congestion of the new year. Well, they delivered beyond my expectations, with Song delivering crunching tackles that even made my TV shake. Up front, Jay Simpson applied pressure on the ball and forced error after error from the Wigan defenders. Carlos Vela was an ever present menace, and this is before I even mention the man of the match Jack Wilshere.
Jack Wilshere gave a master class tonight and already at the age of sixteen, dare we we attach the label “World Class?” He is a little Liam Brady, and pound for pound he is utterly hard and fearless. I just hope that he loves this club enough to want to stay here for his entire footballing career. He helped Aaron Ramsey turn defence into attack with pace and precision, the fundamental chararacteristic of sides created by Arsene Wenger. For this team alone, I feel that Arsene Wenger has left a legacy for our future which will leave us always in his debt.
To the goals then. It was as if this team, who had the honour of being watched by the Senior squad had decided to emulate the perfect Arsenal goal scored against Man Utd, following a fifteen pass movement. It was in the 42nd minute that a ball that was launched out of defence by Fabianski was protected as lovingly by the midfield players as Romeo would protect Juliet. No Wigan player got within two feet of the ball when after a ten  move sequence, it fell to Jack Wilshere in a central position to pass the ball down the centre channel between the Wigan centre backs. Jay Simpson’s pace enabled him to get to the ball before the advancing Chris Kirkland, and he cleverly toe poked the ball under the keeper into the empty net for his first senior gaol for Arsenal football club.
Arsenal took this lead into the second half, and after a shaky start, they recovered their composure and never allowed Wigan to impose themselves on the game. Keiran Gibbs could have scored a brace, as his electrifying pace got him repeatedly into a one on one position with the keeper, who was forced to make a succession of high class saves. Around the 65th minute mark, and beginning from a defensive counter attack, Aaron Ramsey played a curling 25 yard pass down the left wing which found Carlos Vela who sprinted to the left edge of the box with a Wigan defender in hot pursuit. Jay Simpson had made an excellent supportive run and was adjacent to the penalty spot, and Vela coolly looked up and laid the ball square to Simpson who side footed the ball home with style.
Carlos Vela was not to be left wanting in the scoring department, when four minutes later following a tenacious winning of a 50:50 ball in central midfield by Mark Randall, saw him pass the ball sideways to Djourou who advanced into space and passed the ball down the middle to the attacking run of vela, whose exquisite first touch deflected the ball at an angle into his favoured left channel. Titus Bramble was in close touch and ready to make what he thought would be a saving tackle, when Vela nonchalantly chipped the ball over the head of Chris Kirkland, who was rooted to the spot in disbelief. The expression on Kirkland’s face was that similar to the expression of abject horror and humiliation experienced when your pet dog decides to urinate down your leg, having mistaken it for a fire hydrant in central park. Another Carlos Vela wonder goal to savour.
This three nil defeat of Wigan by Wenger’s protégés will send shock waves throughout the competition. Arsene was as ever a gentleman in complimenting the quality and professionalism of the performance, and had to agree that the club was in safe hands with this squad. The errors that prevented this being a total football master class are easily rectified with time on the training ground, and this excellent experience gained by the players will produce results that benefit the England National squad as well. You know what, this is a great time to be an Arsenal fan, Oh and by the way no-one should miss out on the goodies contained on Gooner Tube later today(videos).
Next game the demolition of a Claret and Blue Villa built in the Midlands…Nice!
Next blog, Vic Crescit around lunch time, what a day to enjoy, keep checking Arsenalinsider for all the best Arsenal Blogs!
By Fabregas the King.

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