I Agree With Sanchez!

Well some of what he says anyway. I agree that if a player goes down theatrically in the box, if it’s not a penalty – it must be simulation. Actually that’s not strictly true, because someone can actually trip over his own feet as the Fulham geezer did in our box. Were you listening to Five Live’s commentary? They reckoned Cesc tripped him – albeit accidentally. What’s the matter with these commentators – are they blind? And Pleat is a dozy pratt, he really is. When is he going to realise that Clichy is spelt Clichy and not Cliché.
So I think in the end both Fulham and Arsenal got exactly what they deserved.
Fulham enjoyed some success going forward and possibly merited the minor admiration given them from Arsene – but finished up with sod all. Serves them right cos’ that Healy bloke was surely offside when the pass was made out to him. Shouldn’t the linesman have flagged therefore when he picked up Jens’s stupid attempt at a pass to Clichy? He was still the most forward man.
Arsenal got what we deserved which was a lovely (and absolutely vital) three points in the end. But we were all made to suffer badly for nearly 90 minutes due to the usual profligacy in front of goal and a midfield that was obviously lacking in strength. I’m afraid the Flamster does not hack it for me in midfield – he is simply not strong nor imposing enough for the style of football he plays, at least not in the Premier League.
I presume Diaby and Denilson were both injured, as I think they should both play ahead of Flamini.
Congratulations to Alex for scoring the winner – he actually shot himself when it would have been much easier to pass to either RvP or Bendtner.
So we haven’t lost any ground on the other big three and actually have a lead over the Mancs. We obviously need that lead as we will already be a game behind come Wednesday.
Are we ready for Sparta Prague? Yes I reckon we are, but already you can see that our squad is a little on the thin side with injuries to two strikers. Not being able to get to yesterday’s game (my first visit this season is not till September against Derby), I naturally have no right to pass any judgements on how each player performed, however I didn’t see much from Gallas captain-wise. If you were at the game I would welcome your view on our centreback partnership.
So after Prague on Wednesday (have to flippin’ subscribe to Setanta to watch the game!), we have a trip to the North West to face a tricky game against Blackburn.
Another game not televised – has anyone any idea if and how you can watch the match on a computer?
Anyway – a satisfactory start and I don’t feel the slightest bit sorry for Mr Sanchez.
Wonder why?

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