It Was A Master Class Act

Hey guys I have certainly been off the blog for a couple of weeks, blame it on the poor third world technology, never the less I managed to catch up with the replays of the march against Spurs, the Sevilla match and Wow!! the derby county. Not that I gave Derby a chance on account of our past performances, but I was amazed at how Arsen’s team could create a contest from a no contest. They played the match with seriousness and urgency reminiscent of the match against Inter at the San Siro (5-1) on which our life depended after inter had humiliated us at highbury. It spoke a lot about the attitude, the approach and merciless determination and seriousness with which this team takes every game.

Sevilla came with a high reputation, but they were quick to acknowledge the Gap, some Sevilla players were drawn into the Spurs rhetoric notably Kanoute and Alves and they ate their humble pie. The same pie Spurs ate, one would have thought they came to play for Spurs and not sevilla. Any sympathy for the visiting team was taken away when they allowed themselves to be associated with the Spurs woes, never mind the woes of their coach. The Sevilla coach however was magnonimous in defeat.

I will now get to the team because that is my focus, Diaby was exceptional in attack and his exquisite strike in the 10th minute was a handful for any world class keeper to save, he collected the ball from a near wide position dribbled into position past three Derby players and set up his shot which he took with vengeance, the ferocity with which he struck made me look at the clock because I, for the moment thought we were closing in to the final whistle and Diaby took it upon himself to salvage the points before the center mans whistles. It reminded me of Campbell’s goal against a stubborn Portsmouth at highbury in 2004. Diaby’s quality has been a point of debate between me and a couple of fellow funs who have always doubted if he is arsenal material. I have always maintained he is a class act and only needs time to acclimatize to the wide player Wenger is developing him to be as opposed to his preferred central midfield. Yesterday was a glimpse of him, I must say there is more to come.

My Revenge On Ben Foster

Ade, well he is for a moment no longer an issue of debate, probably some of the fiercest debates I have had with colleagues concern Ade. To a great extent some colleagues have questioned my knowledge of the game whenever I insist Ade’s role in Arsenal is very important despite the fact that he is not yet an outright goal scorer. I have always believed in Ade will get better and better as a goal scorer as he develops his game, and that will make him the most complete striker in the premier; this season is beginning show early signs of that.

Cesc has never been questioned from the day he set to do his job with the senior team, except for the lack of goals. I wont duel on him because many have written and seriously depleted my limited English vocabulary of words to describe his exploits. I just want to see more of his killer punches and enjoy every sip of my glass of rum.

Walcott showed that he needs more games to get some confidence and most importantly score a few senior goals, his runs were excellent and often brought many a fun to the edge of their sits, however his final touch was always lacking, he has a decision crisis and appears to make half hearted decisions in when making his passes or taking the shots, the result has been a weak pass or shot.

I have written before that Eduardo-Ade partnership is bound to be very deadly in the premier and I think the Derby match again affirmed my belief. The two strikers have strong complementary qualities and share a high work rate, very versatile on the pitch all willing to stretch defenders and can find space around the area. That makes them a handful for the opposition team and creates acres of land for team mates, most importantly they create an artificial numeric advantage. One of my colleagues some time into the Derby match inquired if any Derby player had been sent off. I said no!! except they have had to deploy extra players to try and cope with the movements of Ade and Eduardo.

I want dedicate my last paragraph to Mathew Flamini, I must start by making my apologies because for the first I wrote of an arsenal player at tht level and for once doubted Arsen’s judgment in retaining Flamini in the side. My worst feelings as an Arsenal fun often came whenever Flamini was brought onto the pitch, I had a very! Very! low opinion of him and his football, just like I did of Ray Palour in his last days. I want to eat my words. He is already becoming my favorite player this season, I have never doubted his work rate, but he lacked in technical ability up until now. Certainly he would have been a good player at Chelsea then, but not now. The technical part of his game has significant improved, his passes are becoming delightful and of course his work rate has not been compromised and suddenly he is reminding me of Edu’s no nonsense approach to the midfield role. Flam you are the man of the moment, my hat is off for you, I now believe you, when you said you would stay to fight for your position. I guess your have not just earned it on the pitch but also in the hearts of the funs at least mine.

Oooh Gosh just forgot to ask who’s next, did I hear you say Hammers, hope we shall have a word for that ungrateful Fred Lumberg, we all adored him and can never deny he was an arsenal delight, but he rubbished us and even tipped hammers to be better than us ha! ha! Haaaaaaa!!!!.

Bye for Now!!

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