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On Saturday we lined up in a formation that I think suits us brilliantly; this 4-2-3-1 formation allows for fluidity in attack and with the personnel we have, it could be the answer to opening up defences.  I do think we are missing one important ingredient and that is Eduardo.  Against Fulham we lined up with Arshavin, Nasri and Vela playing behind Van Persie.  The three attack minded midfield players were given free roles to switch positions between them.  It provided them with the chance to take up dangerous positions, often unchallenged due to the clever interchange of roles.  As it did against Roma, it provided us with plenty of chances that on another day we would probably have taken; that’s just the way it’s going for us at the moment.
Out of the three players mentioned, Vela had an off day on his first League start.  I was amazed to hear people complaining that he didn’t make the step up.  Sometimes people are too quick to judge, give the guy a chance.  However, with everyone fit I doubt he would have started.  That leads me on to my main point about Eduardo.  Although Van Persie got himself into very good positions on Saturday, and has led the line brilliantly in the last few weeks, his best position, for me, is behind the main striker.  He likes to make things happen and be in the thick of the action.  In his current role he is slightly limited I feel.  If Eduardo can get himself fit, I believe he can provide the clinical edge we are missing.  There is no doubt in my mind we would have won if he had been in Van Persie’s position on Saturday.
I am licking my lips at the thought of Nasri, Arshavin and Van Persie playing off Eduardo.  Many will complain over a lack of height but with these three creators, we may not need an aerial threat.  Arshavin has already shown his ability to open up defences with an intelligent pass, Nasri likewise.  Even then however, Eduardo is decent in the air for a small striker, as we saw against Cardiff.  This attacking set-up would make us very unpredictable and hard to mark, providing us with more ideas and penetration that we have lacked.  If Ade can get back to the heights of last year, he provides another option as the lone striker.  He gives us more of an outlet with his strength and means we can get more crosses in.  However, if others are playing better than him, this formation allows for the in-form personnel to play.  There has always been one component of our attacking play that has not been quite right.  Bendtner, the finishing aside, and Eboue made improvements against Roma but they are not starters in this side when everyone is fit.  If we can get the 4 players I mentioned above in the same side, goals will come flooding back, of that I am sure.
Add to this the return of Theo Walcott and Wenger has options in how he chooses his side.  Walcott can play on either the left or the right of this 3 pronged attack minded midfield.  He can also interchange with the main striker.  His pace and drive will give us even more options.  The formation allows for further creative endeavour from our attacking players.  This formation is reminiscent of the one Brazil have used over so many years.  The two midfield water carriers are simply there to win the ball and unleash those 4 players in front of them.  If we are under the cosh, we have attacking players who are prepared to do a job for the team, including tracking back.  I find it annoying to hear people blaming Denilson and Song for everything.  They are in the side to do the boring job, and when those players in front of them draw blanks, they are criticised.  It is easy to single out the man who makes the simple passes, but look at Makelele, the man made Los Galacticos tick doing the same sort of role.
One aspect we will benefit from with this formation is a return of counter attacking football.  The pace of Walcott and Arshavin, when fully fit, will give us the pace we have missed.  Nasri and Van Persie can offer options for these players on the counter as we can flood forward in numbers to try and provide the main striker with a golden chance.  We have not seen brisk counter attacks from Arsenal in a long while but this set of players together could see their return.
Against West Brom, we may get the chance to put the counter attack into action.  As the home side, West Brom will be forced to come out and try and force the play slightly.  This could provide all the room we need to open them up.  We must keep faith in the current spine of the side as that is the only way they will get their confidence up.  They are trying hard and eventually something will happen for them.  Once that happens, as seems to happen a lot in football, fortunes could chance around very quickly. With the defence solid at the moment, it will only take something small and the attack will be back to its best.  We will not have Eduardo back and Wenger will give Eboue/Bendtner/Vela the chance to prove their worth again.  This is the time to lay down their claim as once Eddy is back, I believe he’ll be scoring more goals than Darren Bent once again.

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