Liverpool reflections and Chelsea Racist Boneheads

Well, another mad, mad night at Anfield, which seems to be becoming a bit of a habit up there. Plenty of pub team defending at both ends. Hurry back Manuel Almunia and Johan Djourou please! Lukasz Fabianski, despite making some excellent saves in the first half, badly seems time in a darkened room. We’ll get killed in all probability if we have to keep on fielding him. They say that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. We can only hope that that’s true in his case.
To be honest, despite some individual vignettes we’re just not looking like a team with shape and composure at the moment. We’re far too easily run over and bullied in the middle of the park, our defending as a team (let’s not just have a go at the goalkeeper and back four) is a mess and we lack the final ball and sharp finishing up front. This might seem incredibly churlish given that last night was very entertaining and we clocked up a point. Top class football it was not however. Top class teams don’t throw the ball away as we did last night – frequently. They also know how to defend as a team which we just can’t seem to manage at the moment. We really need to start pressing the ball and the opposition as soon as we lose possession. No team can expect to surrender a lead three times and win trophies. It just isn’t going to happen.
Still congratulations to Andrey Arshavin on an incredible four goals in one night. I’d like to know where Howard Webb got all that time added on from in the second half. That said, we can’t expect to be taken seriously defending like that. I finish my comments on last night with a mention for the Ray Kennedy tribute which was superb from both sets of fans. I’d also like to big it up for those Gooners who displayed the “justice for the 96” banner. Well played ladies and gents. Typical Arsenal class. That’s what we like to see.
With the games coming thick and fast at the moment though we’re simply going to have to try and learn our lessons on the park VERY quickly. We need to focus on Sunday and the visit of the Smoggies. We need three points big style, although I suspect any chance of third headed south last night, unless the Toffees can do us a giant favour at the Bridge tomorrow night.
This takes me neatly on to Chelsea. I was disgusted with the posts on my last blog from Ed and Fàbregas the King about insults and assaults from racist thug, scum, pond life Chelsea “supporters”. Let’s have it right. Most Chelsea supporters are fine (aside from, well, following Chelsea. We all have our little peccadilloes). Some, not many but too many, are pure poison. Rotten and hateful to the core.
I hope Ed and FTK pursue the evil bastards with the police. I’d love to see them up the steps. People like them should be stepped on by the courts every time they get out of line.
I’m afraid I’m bound to report, in all fairness, that I spotted three Arsenal “supporters” insulting and gesticulating at Chelsea supporters with absolutely no provocation whatsoever as I arrived at Wembley Park tube and was walking down the steps towards Wembley Way. These 20 watt bulbs were caricatures. Shaven headed, growling, sneering and aggressive with no provocation whatsoever. They were making obscene gestures a stream of the most foul abuse at…………….a man, woman and three teenage kids. Almost certainly the man and woman were the kids’ parents. Their only “sin”? To be wearing Chelsea colours. Well done boys. So brave. Lionhearts all. Your families must be so proud. If your brains were dynamite they wouldn’t blow off your hats if they exploded. I’m not one for street “justice” but I wouldn’t have cried too much if somebody had copped hold of them and drop kicked them all over the place. Do us all a favour and take the rest of your lives off from supporting Arsenal. The Arsenal is about style and class. You’ve got none of either. You’re lice.
On that less than positive note, here endeth today’s blog.
Keep the faith!

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