Now this result needs some explanation, no excuses please.

Sorry, I haven’t the stomach for a proper match report, for even the most ardent Wenger loyalist will have been shaking their head in disbelief at the performance of the first team today. The lack of passion and desire and inability to put together any high tempo passes in the final third was frankly embarrassing. There is in my view something wrong with Fabregas, his body language was all negative. He misplaced passes, he didn’t want to be on the field. Denilson had a good game by his standards, Bendtner was worse than the last performance, and I will not criticise him anymore than I did in the last match report, but if he makes Adebayor look good, then he needs to up his effort and concentration.
We looked lost as soon as we encountered the 11 man defence of Aston Villa. No plan B, no running off the ball into any danger areas, no shots from anywhere which would have troubled the Villa keeper. Add to this another woeful refereeing display, and Arsene Wenger will have to pick up his team and try to understand why. Well I could make a few suggestions, Drop Denilson, Fabregas and Bendtner, bring in Aaron Ramsey, Alexandre Song and Carlos Vela. I am actually being serious, because Adebayor apart, this is supposedly our strongest lineup, and the lack of passion and desire was so evident, than at one point, I felt certain from my seat 17 rows back in the upper tier that I saw Fabregas gesture his annoyance to the fans who groaned as he misplaced another pass. I hope some of you can come up with better solutions.
I hope that I am wrong, but did Fabregas pull out of a vital tackle just before the second goal? I will await the TV replays but sadly I am convinced his heart is in Barcelona, as for his head, well it certainly wasn’t at the Emirates. So, no blaming the ref, no blaming the negative tactics of Aston Villa, who played as they were entitled to, negative and average. There is clearly something very wrong in the Arsenal dressing room, and someone had better put it right soon, because it is causing the team to self destruct. Ok another defeat, I am more worried by the loss of morale in one very important player rather than the loss of three points. The roller coaster of manic depression that is typical of Arsenal fans at the moment grinds on.
I’m off to get pissed… sorry, it is that bad.
Fabregas the King

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