What more do you all want? post match reflection with video

I make no apologies for dwelling upon the victory at Stamford bridge. You can see the best bits on GoonerTube  The way that some Arsenal fans have greeted this victory is astonishing. Papering over the cracks, they say… If only we hadn’t lost to Stoke they moan. Yeah well sh*t happens as I said, and if this is the recovery, then I’m loving it! At what point will you give credit where it’s due? I must ask those Gooner critics, “What more do you all want?”
Besides the likes of Piers Morgan who is eating loads of humble pie and apologising for having doubted Arsene Wenger, perhaps a few of you out there might like to state WHAT EXACTLY WILL IT TAKE FOR YOU TO SUPPORT YOUR TEAM 100%??? This is the recovery, it will take a few more performances to really get the engine firing smoothly. But if Adebayor’s sublime knock down to Robin van Persie’s second goal is anything to go by, then we are in for a feast of good results.
It is plain and simple. Please moan less about Arsene Wenger’s players unless you have as shopping list to discuss. It’s very easy to say “Go out and buy someone” Please say Who? Even Roman Abromovich has issued orders that the days of bank rolling Chelsea Football Club are over. It’s going to be one out before one in from now on as the credit crunch bites his billions. It is often said that the Premiership is a marathon not a sprint, and as long as we keep 6 points in touch, then we can create our own destiny.
For my part, I believe that we should still invest in a keeper. Over the summer I suggested Wayne Hennessey, the Welsh keeper of Wolverhampton Wanderers. He is an excellent young talent, and nothing has since changed my mind. For defensive midfield, I now accept that Song does not have the legs for this position. Yesterday when he was in position, Alex played very well, but in the second half, he struggled at times, which meant that either Denilson of Fabregas had to play a lot deeper. My pick is still Xabi Alonso as he is a pass master, and this is what we need especially when Fabregas is faltering. Xabi Alonso is not a defensive midfielder, but he possesses stamina a plenty and very accurate pass making.
Johan Djourou is included in the clip on Goonertube to demonstrate how well he has done despite the own goal. He demonstrates his courage and belief with that tackle in the penalty area, and I congratulate him.  I am open to suggestions about our big new Centre back, whilst currently Johan is doing the job, and I have decided that we should stick with him. Senderos can stay at AC Milan for all I care. I still wonder what flaws Arsene Wenger saw in Vince Kompany, whose performances at Man City have been above average. Another Man City target for me would be Roque Sante Cruz, as we are a striker short. I have given up on David Villa coming here. Eduardo played a specially arranged gamed against a championship side  reserve team I am told and came through this well. This willbe like a new buy, but he must be allowed time to find the pace of the game again.
In closing,  I have to repeat that seeing Adebayor’s heading and connecting with Robin van Persie more than once was a joy to behold, and if he could stay on side, we would rip apart many other teams defences. Clichy was awesome, Gallas was certain, Sagna was my man of the match with Robin van Persie running a close second. In fact all over the pitch players raised their games. Denilson’s tackling has improved, and I loved the moment when he cheekily took the ball off Lampard from behind at one point in the game. This momentum must continue. There is nothing to be gained from navel gazing at what might have been.
Arsene Wenger knows what needs to be done, and if people really believe that this Arsenal team are going to continue losing games to supposedly inferior opposition, then it’s time to think again. We do need reinforcements, but at the right price, and calibre. I am convinced that Arsene and Ivan will deliver come the January transfer window. With a relatively straightforward FA Cup tie against Plymouth, I expect Liverpool apart, for us to have a good Christmas, results wise. Bring on Wigan, we could always play the kids against them…
Fabregas the King.

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