Which Game Did Sanchez Watch?


Was I at the same game yesterday that Lawrie Sanchez watched? I appreciate that managers have to protect their team and I know AW occasionally makes comments that are far from the truth but Sanchez’s claims are just utter nonsense. I must admint that there may have been a couple of occasions when even we gooners felt that Hleb and Van Persie could possibly have stayed on their feet for longer but there were no blatent dives. I’m not being biased here. When one of our players dives, I will put my hands up and say so (Eboue in the Champions League final!!!) but I saw nothing like that yesterday. I got home in time to see The Last Word on Sky Sports and I watched Match Of The Day 2 both of which confirmed to me that Hleb was fouled in the first half and it was a blatent penalty. Andy Gray tried to do his drawings to show that the Fulham defender got all of the player and none of the ball. Then in the second half when their soccer star body checked Kolo, it was in the area and again it was a blatent penalty.

Lawries Sanchez should get over it and worry about 1) How he’s going to keep his job 2) How he’s going to keep Fulham up. Judging by yesterday’s performance I’m guessing both are going to be difficult tasks. Fulham got a lucky break in the first minute when Lehman miskicked. It had nothing to do with Sanchez doing his research as he claimed on MOTD2. It was one of those freak incidents that could happen to anyone. Then they spent 83 minutes fouling and wasting time. Goalkeepers taking an age to kick the ball in my opinion is just as bad as diving. Then there was the incident after Van Persie’s penalty. Warner was bad enough but Boupa Diop rugby tackled Cesc to get the ball back. Explain to me what right did he have to claim the ball back? he should have been sent off for that and believe me had that been an Arsenal player then the entire Arsenal-hating mob lead by Richard Keys would have been onto it.

Anyway that’s my monday morning rant over with…as for the performance it wasnt great but at least we won. I felt we lacked imagination and for a large part it looked like same s*** different season but in the end it wasnt. We won…3 points!!! That’s all that matters for now. We have to take each game as it comes and dont forget we still have Eduardo to come in and I believe that Bendtner and Walcott still have a part to play too this season. Let’s just be patient for now and be happy that we didnt spend 17 million on an average striker then lose to Sunderland on the opening day.


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