Consider this pre match entertainment before West Ham get stuffed by the Gunners, and hopefully the Scum will lose to Bolton. I have re-written the Monty Python epic, and dedicated it to the Three Stooges. Here’s the song, listen then change the lyrics….

Some defeats in life are bad they can make you really mad, and other games just make you swear and spit, and when Gooners take the piss at another Darren Bent miss,this’ll help you wallow in the shit,
Oh always look on the bright side of life, (Whistle) Always look on the light side of life (Whistle)
If David Bentley’s rotten and Arshavin you’ve forgotten and Berbatov and Keane do take the piss. If Martin Jol was sad, Then Ramos is pretty bad, so why not bring in Harry, he can’t miss?
Levy tiptoes on the right side of Strife,(Whistle) It seems He changes coaches more times than he screws his wife,(Whistle)
Two points had seemed absurd, so panic was the word, after spending 70 mill, Comolli’s crap, He forgot about his pride and giving the fans a ride, He ditched Ramos and called  ‘Arry Rednapp…  
So… always look on the bright side of death(Whistle)
just before you draw your terminal breath(Whistle)
Spurs are a piece of shit when you really look at it, And relegation beckons it is true, just ignore the Arsenal foe, keep’em laughing as you go,  just remember that the last laugh is on you
We Tottenham boyz will manage to survive it, (Whistle) When the Spurs are playing in the Championship, (Whistle) (C’mon guys cheer up!)
So Always look on the bright side of life 
Always look on the bright side of life ….(worse things happen at sea you know)
Always look on the bright side of life ….What you gotta lose?
You know you come from nothing you going back to nuffin, what you lost? Nuffin!

by Fabregas the King.