Andy Gray, YOU SICKEN ME!!!

There’s a lot to talk about after the Birmingham game but its not possible to start with anything other than the Eduardo injury. I watched the game on Sky and it was hard to say whether the tackle was bad or not mainly due to the fact that Sky refused to show a replay. I’ve just seen the pictures of the tackle on a gooner blog and all I have to say is ANDY GRAY, SKY AND ALEX MCLEISH, YOU SICKEN ME!!! I understand that GARTH CROOKS AND THE BBC have been just as bad. This was not a malicious tackle? Are you serious? One picture actually looks like it shows Taylor smiling. Eduardo Da Silva is a 25 year old man at the peak of his career and this sickening tackle has put him out of the European Championships and who knows whether he will even play again. The BBC and Sky with their RED DEVIL TAINTED glasses showed blatent disrespect. If it had been Rooney on the receiving end of that tackle you can guarantee that they’d all be out there ready to slay Taylor. I can go on about this for longer but I think I want to end it there and say lets all hope Eduardo is able to recover and get his career back on track.
Onto football matters and its now only a 3 point lead. Its hard to stay positive at the moment knowing that the team is not playing well and the injury list keeps on growing. A 3 point lead is nothing when you consider that we still have to play Man U and Chelsea away and we’ve still got Liverpool to come at the Emirates. To be honest its not just those teams. We’ve failed to beat Birmingham home or away this season and we still have the likes of Aston Villa to face. Saying all that though, we are still top of the league going into March and its still there to play for. As I said last week after the Old Trafford disaster, I’m so proud of the gooners this season. We are the 12th man and if this team is going to win anything we need to keep this up. 11 games to go, BRING IT ON!!!
Today’s game wasn’t helped by the referee and I’m sure we can expect a lot more of the same over the next 11. It wasn’t a penalty and the freekick was very questionable as well but if Adebayor had passed to Bendtner when he had the chance or if Clichy hadnt fallen asleep at the last minute then none of it would have mattered.
One positive thing did come out today and I’m sure that if things had been different we would all have been singing about the English player scoring 2 premiership goals for Arsenal. I drove to a friend’s house to watch the game and on the way I heard Adrian Durham (President of the Gooner Haters Association) on the radio and he pointed out that Arsenal were the only team in the Premiership without an English goalscorer. I thought at that moment that I would love it if Theo got a couple today and I can’t overstate how please I am for the boy. I honestly think that he can go on from this and actually start to fullfill the potential that Arsene Wenger saw in him.
On a final note, I’d like to hear what people thought about the William Gallas incident. I mean I’d like to hear from gooners and not the opinion of the anti-Arsenal media people. Personally, I could share his frustration but I felt that he should have stayed composed as captain of the club. Yes it was a setback and yes it has been a bad week but this was our captain admitting defeat. This was our captain saying that a 3-point lead is not enough and we won’t be able to defend it. This was our captain slating Gael Clichy in public. What we needed at that time was a leader, not a cry-baby. I’m sorry if I’m being harsh and I have to say I am a huge William Gallas fan but on this occasion Willie G let us down majorly.

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